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Aesthetic Perfection @ The Casbah – 09/01/2017

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Aesthetic Perfection @ The Casbah – 09/01/2017On September 1, 2017, the Industrial Pop Tour made a special appearance at The Casbah in San Diego to make up for a cancelled show on the tour earlier in the year. In case you have been living under a rock lately, “Industrial Pop” is a term coined by Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection in an effort to forge his own musical path, instead of trying to fit into the specific mold of one single genre. On Friday night he and Aesthetic Perfection were joined by fellow industrial pop artists Nyxx and Night Club. With a lineup like this, it’s no wonder why this new and unique genre has been gaining traction. Each act was on top of their game in San Diego, and the packed venue was filled with loyal fans that sang and danced all night long.

Nyxx was the first performer of the night, and she brought her own unique brand of seductive electronic pop to the stage. She played a mix of cover songs and original material, including songs from her premier EP, Nightmare. Throughout the set, Nyxx sang and danced her heart out, and the audience was completely entranced by her beauty and talent. This is only the beginning for this multi-talented musician, so make sure you come along for the ride!

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Night Club was next to hit the stage and they had everyone inside The Casbah dancing to the music. Emily Kavanaugh belted out catchy lyrics with her dulcet voice, while Mark Brooks supplied the infectious beats. They played several songs from their latest release, Requiem for Romance, including “Show It 2 Me,” and “Dear Enemy.” Night Club’s lyrics give women a sense of strength, and at the end of their set, they closed with “Bad Girl,” reminding everyone that sometimes it’s good to be bad.

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The minutes before Aesthetic Perfection appeared on stage were the most excruciating of the night. The venue had packed to nearly full capacity, and everyone was anxious for the men of the hour to begin their set. The band had to cancel a show on the Industrial Pop Tour that took place earlier this year due to vocalist Daniel Graves having laryngitis, and this was the show that was added to make up for the cancellation.

When Aesthetic Perfection ascended and took their places, their loyal fans went crazy. When they went into their first song “Antibody,” the room exploded into industrial pop ecstasy. Daniel Graves is a charismatic frontman with an unrivaled energy, and he never stopped being animated despite the toasty temperatures inside the Casbah. His melodic voice never wavered, and he made it a point to show love back to his adoring fans. Tim Van Horn played the drums with a ferocious vigor, and was a blur behind the kit. Aesthetic Perfection performed songs such as “Big Bad Wolf,” “The Great Depression,” and “The Little Death” flawlessly. They even surprised fans by playing their newest single “Rhythm + Control” live for the very first time. Throughout the set, every person in the venue was singing along and dancing to the catchy songs. Graves is certainly making his mark with Industrial Pop, and as long as he has the support of his loyal Perfectionists, there’s no telling where this road will take him.

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The highly anticipated San Diego stop of the Industrial Pop Tour was well worth the wait, as all three bands gave phenomenal performances. Aesthetic Perfection, Night Club, and Nyxx are great examples of musical acts that are breaking the mold of the industry and doing their own thing, instead of trying to fit into one specific image or genre. Industrial Pop is making waves and gaining traction, daring its followers to find their own beat, instead of dancing to someone else’s. If you have the chance to see any of these artists live, do yourself a favor and take it!

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