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Alanis Morissette @ Club Nokia – 11/2/2012

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Alanis Morissette performs on stage at Club Nokia on November 2, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (© Paul A. Hebert / www.PaulHebertPhoto.com)

The 8th grade me died a little inside seeing Alanis Morissette live at Club Nokia this past Friday night. Since my early music listening days I’ve loved everything the singer/ songwriter/guitar player has done, my favorite being the 90s hit Jagged Little Pill that I’m sure millions of others could agree is also their top Morissette pick.

And what will be her 8th studio record Havok and Bright Lights that was recently recorded right here in Hollywood, Morissette appears to still have it goin’ on with the new album in which the tour is promoting, though she did play a generous amount of older material that left a whole lot of fans (drunkenly!) singing along loudly.

Morissette is pretty much legendary in her solo chick rocker status, and I think contemporary women (and men, but who are we kidding? Alanis is totally relatable when it comes to the often times unfortunate things that come along with bein’ a woman) who grew up listening to her will always have that sort of admiration towards not only her musical craft, but her overall “not give a fuck” style in her song’s lyrics and overall stage presence.

The opening act, who I had no idea until later was actually her husband’s electronic group, was a DJ set with him singing along. Morissette made a brief appearance towards the end to reveal she would be coming on shortly thereafter. They kissed on stage and then everyone put two and two together.

And she definitely didn’t disappoint as her set opened up. In fact, most of the show was a lineup of all those long lost favorites that have been hiding inside my compact disc collection from way back when, including “You Learn,” “Ironic,” and “Head Over Feet.”

Thankfully there was a double encore, so no one left feeling like they didn’t get a full night of Morissette. Very appropriately she said goodbye with her song, “Thank You” (even though we should have been thanking her for coming out…).

It was a real trip through time seeing Alanis on stage after all these years, and I’m sure she will continue onward with her career as both a singer/songwriter and revolution to female solo pop rock music.

ALL PHOTOS © Paul A. Hebert / www.PaulHebertPhoto.com

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