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REVIEW: Man Overboard – ‘Acoustic Covers: Volume 1’

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Defend pop-punk.  Zac Eisenstein of Man Overbhoard does.  There’s a novelty in the punk world – among other top favorites such as guitar flips, hair flips, crowd surfing, etc. – that is one of the most unique ways a band can break through the pack.  Punk covers have had mainstream success with bands like New Found Glory and The Ataris, and Eisenstein aims to delight fans with a two-song EP called Acoustic Covers: Volume 1.  The Man Overboard singer delivers two songs in this release, and I am bracing myself for some serious flack when I say I’d never heard these songs before now.  With a guitar and some slightly affected vocals, this record contains two original renditions of “Jellyhead” by Crush and “Misery” by Soul Asylum.

“Jellyhead” by Crush.  Lo-fi.  Ok.  I’m now ready for these songs.  Zac Eisenstein’s voice is interesting, in that it has strength in it’s piercing tone.  He doesn’t have an annoying wine, but he suits the instrumentation for sure.  I will say that I wish the vocals were as stripped and bare as the guitar.  There’s a sense that the guitar is being played in someone’s bathroom and he’s singing in an empty atrium.

“Misery,” originally by Soul Asylum, kicks off with a Dashboard Confessional strum feel – the chord choices and rhythms under a tender vocal melody.  I already like this one more if only for the fact that I believe Eisenstein more in this track.  All of his whines and cracks come in the right spots in the song, and the product is a nice little ballad.

Check out these songs, they’re an easy listen.  If these made you move, then you should check out the full-band stuff Man Overboard is putting out.  Pop-punk is not dead, and they are a big reason why.



  1. Jellyhead (Originally by Crush)
  2. Misery (Originally bySoul Asylum)

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