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Alice Merton @ The Roxy – 10/03/2018

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Alice Merton kicked off her US tour last night with a flawless performance at the Roxy theater in Los Angeles. The 25 year old German born singer is riding the success of her platinum selling debut single ‘No Roots.’

Merton brings an unbridled energy to the stage that keeps the crowd dancing and singing all night long. The set consisted of most of the five songs on her debut EP. Weirdly though the hauntingly dramatic ‘Lie to My Face’ was absent from the set, I suspect it was to keep from slowing the set down too much, and keeping the crowd engaged.

The hour-long set started out with the high energy ‘Hit the Ground Running’ before jumping into a pair of songs, ‘Keeps Me Awake’ and ‘Holes’, which Merton has been performing, but are not part of her current EP or her upcoming debut LP “Mint”, which comes out in January.  The middle of the set previewed several songs off the aforementioned LP including ‘Honeymoon Heartbreak’, ‘Speak Your Mind’, and ‘Trouble in Paradise.’  While most fans hadn’t heard these new songs yet, it didn’t keep them from dancing the entire time.

The songstress wisely closed out the night with the high-energy one/two punch of ‘Lash Out’ and ‘No Roots’ which left the crowd wanting more. Merton returned to the stage to perform her current single ‘Why So Serious’.

Merton proves that you don’t need crazy synths and fabricated auto-tuned voices to have a hit song, more over that an amazing authentic voice, incredible song-writing and actual story-telling based lyrics will always win in the end.

If you missed the show last night, do yourself a favor and purchase tickets to Wednesday’s show at the Glass House in Pomona. This is one of those artists you will want to say ‘I remember seeing her on that first tour’, because it won’t be long before she is selling-out the much larger venues.

Set List – Hit the Ground Running | Keeps Me Awake | Holes | Learn to Live | Jealousy | Trouble In Paradise | PCH | Honeymoon Heartbreak | Speak Your Mind | Lash Out | I Don’t Hold A Grudge | No Roots | Why So Serious


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