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America’s hottest new country act Brokedown Cadillac

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It is not unusual for Hollywood to produce the next hot music star, however this time it has produced a new country music sensation. Brokedown Cadillac is fronted by a seasoned songwriting team of Corri English and Randy Dunham.

English has been around music her entire life. The daughter of a musician English was able to hone her talent into the masterpiece it is today.

I was on the road with my dad’s band from the time I was like 6 weeks old and grew up playing with tuning forks. So I think when you’re around it that long, it just comes natural,” recalls English.

Brokedown Cadillac is taking things slowly, self producing their own album and doing much of their own promotion, making sure that they make the right decisions along the way.

“If you pick the wrong deal you can end up getting nowhere fast,” English explains. “There was a time when labels would take on a new artist and do development and give it time to get out there and give the audience time to respond. ”

Self producing your own music isn’t all bad; it allows an artist to form their own destiny.

“People have such a slick product before the time it gets in the hands of the executives. Independent artists can do a lot on their own now. It allows you to hold on to creative control, the more you do yourself,” English point out.

The band self-released their debut album “Somewhere in America” in March. Shortly thereafter they were featured in a major motion picture. Performing as a bar band in the Disney movie Race to Witch Mountain which allowed them to have two songs on the digital soundtrack.

The band is starting to pick-up steam and that suits English and Dunham just fine.

“We wanted to take things kind of slow, so we can do it right and we couldn’t be happier with the way things have gone so far,” English mentions.

The band spent the summer in Nashville writing new material and meeting with different agents, but is back in Los Angeles and ready to rock. Thursday night marks the bands return to Los Angeles as they take place in the McCarthur Park Concert series at Levitt Pavillion.

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