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…and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead @ The Echoplex 11/9/2012

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On an unusually cold Friday night in LA, I found myself waiting outside the Echoplex to see The Technicolors, The Octopus Project, and …And You Will Know Know Us By The Trail of Dead. An unusually eclectic line-up, I was excited to see what this show would sound like and what kind of crowd it would bring out of the woodworks.

The Technicolors started the show, and I couldn’t think of a better opener. Right off the bat, these guys came with a raw energy that demanded your attention. With keyboards, shredding guitar, and a drummer that can hold his own, The Technicolors definitely had the crowd pleasantly engaged (no easy task for an opening band). There were moments during their set when you could close your eyes and picture Wolfmother on stage, which says something about their chops and ability to play together. Lead guitarist, Mikey Fanizza, used constant experimentation with feedback without being too abrasive, and it was refreshing to see a band know what they are doing when they are on stage to rock. The Technicolors covered Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game” during the end of their set, and I must say, I was very impressed by the band’s ability to play a diverse, highly entertaining show.

Next up was The Octopus Project. Appearance alone got me excited to hear this band, with solo female member Yvonne Lambert in a yellow and red polka dot flapper and the other members, Josh Lambert, Toto Miranda, and Ryan Figg, in simple black tie suits. Their sound was as unique as their looks, featuring electronics, a Theremin, and a mixture of a real and electronic drum set. This is, without a doubt, a performance band. Each member was deeply engrained in their part, bringing an energy to the stage that is unparalleled. Not only was each member talented at the instrument they started on, but more impressively, every member switched out instruments on every song. Yvonne Lambert’s use of the Theremin was pretty awesome. At one point she asked if the crowd knew what the instrument was, and got a minimal response before she answered resoundingly, “it’s a THEREMIN!” There was also an impressive visual aspect that accompanied their show. While each song was being played, projectors displayed videos behind the band, adding another element to the excitement. There were some complications with their equipment, and on one song their electronic drum set was experiencing a delayed effect that made them start the song over a few times before getting through it. Still, their set was a raving success, and the crowed appreciated the high levels of entertainment that band brought to the show.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead headlined the show, and was received by the crowd with great enthusiasm. The band started their set with “Ode to Isis”, their opening song on their album Worlds Apart, which set up a powerfully ominous mood. The band started hard and each song continued to build energy on itself. The crowd received each song well, becoming more and more densely packed as the set progressed. The band played a few songs off of their new album, Lost Songs, which they mentioned was recorded in Hanover, Germany. They have a heavy metal sound that implements a variety of styles, which sets them apart from other metal bands in the scene today. Overall, the band really focuses on crowd interaction, and they are received positively because of it. At one point, the band broke all norms and had a bunch of people jump on stage to with them. Needless to say, things got a little rowdy. That’s why fans love this band, though. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead is a band that holds nothing back, and they expect their crowd to do the same. That night at the Echoplex, the crowd certainly made sure to let …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead know that they are still just as excited to see them play as the band is to perform on stage.


…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Set List:

“Ode to Isis”

“Will You Smile Again?”

“Worlds Apart”


“Up to Infinity”

“Mistakes & Regrets”


“Relative Ways”

“Aged Dolls”

“A Perfect Teenhood”

“The Spiral Jetty”

“Weight of the Sun”


“Totally Natural”


“Richter Scale Madness”

The Technicolors Set List:

“Fake a Smile”

“Sweet Time”





“Wicked Game”


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