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Arch Enemy & Trivium @ The Wiltern Theater – 11/29/2017

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Arch Enemy @ The Wiltern Theater – 11/29/2017One of the most brutal tours of the year hit Los Angeles on Wednesday night November 29 at The historic Wiltern Theater as Arch Enemy and Trivium brought their co-headlining show to The City of Angels. Along for this five week journey opening the show is Fit for an Autopsy and While She Sleeps. The timing of this tour is perfect for both Arch Enemy and Trivium as they both have released new albums in the last two months and have begun the touring cycle to support said work.

The show was SOLD OUT which just goes to show how many metal-heads are in the Los Angeles area as Guns n Roses was also playing a SOLD OUT show across town at The Forum. After memorable sets from both Fit for an Autopsy and While She Sleeps, Arch Enemy was set to hit the stage at 8:00pm to deliver 75 minutes of their flavor of Swedish Melodic Death Metal.

The band opened their set with the first single off the new album Will to Power titled “The World Is Yours” which kicked things immediately into high gear as the lovely Alissa White-Gluz delivered her brutal guttural vocals like no one else can. Chaos ensued as between the extremely busy light show and the blazing guitar mastery from both Arch Enemy founder Michael Amott and his six-string partner and former Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis. Amott and Loomis would often come together center stage to display their talents in unison as they traded off licks and delivered some amazing guitar harmonies.

White-Gluz addressed the Los Angeles crowd and then went into “War Eternal” showcasing some of their best work early in the show. White-Gluz is the PERFECT fit for Arch Enemy after she took over for Angela Gassow in 2014 and she has never looked back. Her dynamic stage presence compliments her voice equaling the total package and she performs the older Arch Enemy material with ease making the songs new and fresh again.

The thundering rhythm section of original drummer Daniel Erlandsson bashing his kit and providing some crazy double bass drumming while his partner in crime Sharlee D’Angelo (who is also a longtime member of the band) provides the bass rumble to their songs.

The band played a well-rounded set that covered the majority of their existence with three songs of the new album, “The World Is Yours”, “The Race” and the beautiful “The Eagle Flies Alone” as well as classics such as “My Apocalypse”, “Bloodstained  Cross” and they ended the night with “Nemesis” from 2005’s Doomsday Machine.

These Swedish veterans once again proved they are a force to be reckoned with as this is without a doubt the strongest lineup in the band’s history with the additions of Alissa White-Gluz and Jeff Loomis. With any luck the band will make another trek across the USA in 2018 in support of Will to Power.

Arch Enemy Set List:

The World Is Yours | Ravenous | Stolen Life | War Eternal | My Apocalypse | The Race | You Will Know My Name | Bloodstained Cross | The Eagle Flies Alone | As the Pages Burn | Dead Bury Their Dead | We Will Rise | Avalanche | Snow Bound | Nemesis

Arch Enemy Photo Gallery

Los Angeles was just blown away by Arch Enemy but there was still 75 minutes of extreme music to come as Trivium took the stage at 9:45pm and wasted no time playing new material as they opened the set with the title track off their latest creation, “The Sin and the Sentence”. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy brought some serious energy to the stage on this night as he belted out his vocals while fellow guitarist Corey Beaulieu layed down some serious solos along with his signature “unclean” backing vocals.

The band ripped through songs that represented their 18 year career which included early hits such as “Like light to the Flies” and “Kirisute Gomen” as the crowd in Los Angeles fed off the energy from the band. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto was extremely active as he used every inch of the stage and was constantly fist pumping to the crowd while new drummer Alex Bent was more than worthy as he provided driving, pummeling bass drumming.

Heafy who is quite animated with his facial expressions made use of several microphones setup across the stage allowing him to sing from different spots (taking a page from James Hetfield of Metallica).  Heafy led he band through a vicious rendition of “Capsizing the Sea” before the band ened the night with the masterpiece “In Waves”.

Co-Headling tours are becoming a more common theme for tours as Anthrax and Killswitch Engage delivered a massive co-headliner earlier this year and this show with Arch Enemy and Trivium proved to be a great pairing and a super successful night of brutal music. This beast of a tour runs through December 6 ending in Houston, TX.

Trivium Set List:

The Sin and the Sentence | Down From the Sky | Betrayer | Until the World Goes Cold | Like Light to the Flies | Rain | Dusk Dismantled | Strife | The Heart From Your Hate | Kirisute Gomen | Thrown Into the Fire | Capsizing The Sea | In Waves

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