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Asesino @ The Slidebar – 12/26/2018

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Asesino @ The Slidebar - 12/26/2018Asesino, the BRUTAL side project of Dino Cazares from Fear Factory played a free show the day after Christmas, December 26 at The Slidebar in Fullerton. In addition to Cazares (Asesino) on guitars, the band features Tony Campos (Maldito X) from Fear Factory and Ministry as well as Emilio Marquez (El Sadistico) on drums. Asesino plays a vicious flavor of Death Metal/Grindcore all sung in Spanish – actually the entire show is in Spanish (all in between song banter) which may make for a puzzling night if you don’t understand Spanish but definitely a fun night if you do.

The band played a 60 minute set that had this small room moving with circle pits and headbanging throughout – there is no doubt about the passion for the music Asesino fans have.

The night started with a short set by the Los Angeles thrashers Invader. These boys know how to bring the old school thrash as they pounded out several evil tunes before blasting out some Sepultura and a vicious cover of Slayer’s “Alter of Sacrifice”. If you are an old school Death Angel and Slayer fan you will certainly be headbanging with Invader.

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