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Asking Alexandria @ Soma San Diego – 11/22/2013

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Asking Alexandria @ Soma San Diego – 11/22/2013Anytime you open your new record with the infamous line, “you’re fucking crazy if you think I’ll ever change,” you know that you will be in-store for a musical experience.  In just five short years, British metal rockers, Asking Alexandria have gone from being the new blood in the scene to sitting atop the genre.  Asking Alexandria recently released their third studio record, From Death to Destiny that debuted at #5, a record that the band has stated is a statement and reaction to the tougher times that they went through in recent years.  Don’t believe me you say, take one look at their short film, Through Sin + Self Destruction, a film that is best described as a “controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a new era of rock stars for today’s generation.”

The band closed out their From Death to Destiny headlining tour at San Diego’s legendary all-ages venue, SOMA that featured a performance by fellow rockers, All That Remains.  Having the distinction of being the only Southern California show of the tour, fans of all ages descended upon SOMA dodging the threat of rain and nearby lightning as early as five hours before the doors opened.

After nearly two hours of anticipation, the stage lights went dark as each member made their way to the stage that resembled their recent album cover.  Asking Alexandria immediately got the best response of the night as they opened their set with “Don’t pray for Me” that was immediately followed by the song, “Run Free”, both off their recent effort, From Death to Destiny.   Taking a step from the record, Reckless and Relentless that took them to new heights, the songs, “Breathless”, “A Lesson Never Learned”, “Dedication”, “Someone, Somewhere”, “Reckless & Relentless” and “To The Stage” were played in order that had the entire crowd dancing and singing as one.  Leading up to the song, “To The Stage”, lead singer Danny Worsnop recalled the bands last visit to SOMA that saw them receive a short term ban for mosh pits.  In true rock star fashion, Danny had the entire floor split in half, forming a small wall of death that he commanded the crowd not to start until the next song kicked in that only brought more life into the fans in attendance.

Not letting up from the previous song, Danny invited a young fan named Jake that they had met earlier in the day at a signing on-stage to briefly play a few notes on drummer James Cassells drum kit prior to performing “A Prophecy.”  The relentless onslaught only continued leading into their new single, “Killing You” as Danny took shots at pop singer Nicki Minaj for stealing music and ruining music that led to a massive applause from the crowd.  “The Death of Me” and “Poison” rounded out the main portion of the set before the band exited the stage after Danny told the crowd to not worry because they would be back anyways in a matter of minutes.

A brief encore took place consisting of the songs, “Welcome”, “Closure” and “The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel” that was highlighted once again by Danny’s undying statement that they were here to support music while thanking those who had purchased their new record.

All That Remains took to the stage prior to Asking Alexandria led by singer Phil Labonte.  Still touring in support of their 2012 release, A War You Cannot Win, they performed a brief set highlighted by the songs, “This Calling”, “Six Weeks” and their recent single “Stand Up.”

Asking Alexandria Setlist

Don’t Pray For Me | Run Free | Breathless | A Lesson Never Learned | Dedication | Someone, Somewhere | Reckless & Relentless | To The Stage | A Prophecy | Killing You | The Death of Me | Poison


Welcome | Closure | The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)

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