Kaitlin Duffy

Best Coast @ Coussoulis Arena – 10/06/2012

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Best Coast is loveable for many reasons: their funny, sarcastic lyrics that illustrate a totally relate-able relationship dilemma throughout their debut album Crazy for You, and later (but not as much) in their most recent album The Only Place, sung by Bethany Cosentino is enough to jam out to the band’s groove. But it’s their overall rockability—singer’s vocals accompanied by Bobb Bruno’s upbeat guitar riffs—that made the whole show at Collasses Theatre in San Bernardino a dance party.

The band rocked the Coussoulis Arena as part of a new student music series put on by Cal State University, San Bernardino. It was cool that there weren’t as many attendees as a typical sold out show at say one of the larger venues in the city, making the whole thing sort of an exclusive, up-close performance that was really enjoyable, not your typical push-and-shove situation at a more crowded show.

I was happy they stuck with playing a lot of older material, songs like “Our Deal,” “I Want To,” and my personal favorite, “Boyfriend,” as I am more of a Crazy for You fan overall, but they did play a couple of songs from Best Coast Two and even one of their freshly-written jams towards the end of the show that highlighted a softer, quieter side of the band.

Chelsea Wolfe and her band opened for Best Coast, and their set was a blend of Wolfe’s varying range of octaves (she can hit a really high note!) mixed with the bands drums, guitar, and psychedelic distortions—creating a sort of creepy, dark sound. The instrumentals were incredible and were like nothing I had ever heard, but let’s just say I want to compare the sound to something that should be in a thriller movie soundtrack

I wish the show had lasted a bit longer, and it seems the Best Coast duo is playing a few more shows in the next week around the Los Angeles area, so if you’re in town definitely check ‘em.

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