Blackest of the Black: Day 1 @ Oak Canyon Park – 05/26/2017 -

Blackest of the Black: Day 1 @ Oak Canyon Park – 05/26/2017


Suicidal Tendencies @ Blackest of the Black – 05/26/2017After several years of the touring entity Blackest of the Black, Glenn Danzig turned the tour into a destination festival on May 26 & 27 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA featuring 17 extreme metal bands headlined by Danzig himself as the closing act on Saturday night. The Blackest of the Black festival allowed Danzig to hand pick all the artists and to turn Oak Canyon Park into an experience of agony and ecstasy with a sacrifice altar, bondage stage, suspension stage, blood bath, stocks, cage dancers and much more. There were also bloody bodies and body parts hanging from trees, skeletons on crosses and various freaks breathing fire, stapling dollars to their chest, snapping mouse traps on their tongues all walking the grounds and entertaining attendees.

In addition to the festival, Danzig also released his 11th studio album Black Laden Crown on Friday and Danzig along with famed artist Simon Bisley (who also illustrated the new album cover) did an album signing for almost 3 hours for all the fans in line. The long line seemed endless but Danzig and Bisley stuck it out and ensured every fan in line got to meet them and they signed their CD’s.

Friday’s musical lineup included:

Suicidal Tendencies | Corrosion of Conformity | Discharge | Deafheaven | Suicide Silence | Butcher Babies and 3teeth

While Saturday’s lineup featured:

Danzig | Ministry | Vamps | Atreyu | Venom Inc | Marduk | Devildriver | Combichrist | Ghoul and Ritual

Without a doubt a very impressive festival that featured heavier/darker bands that combined with Danzig made for a memorable two days of music and a fantastic way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully 2017 will be the inaugural year and this will become a yearly event.

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Day 1 of Blackest of the Black – 05/26/2017

Suicidal Tendencies

The Southern California based metal/punk rulers Suicidal Tendencies closed out day 1 of Blackest of the Black with 60 minute high energy set that had Mike Muir and company deliver a set dominated by ST classics as well as one new song “Clap Like Ozzy” off their 2016 album World Gone Mad. Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, now a member of Suicidal Tendencies anchored the band through such fan favorites as “War Inside My Head”, “Institutionalized” and the closing song “Pledge Your Allegiance”.

Corrosion of Conformity

Southern hardcore metal grunge lords Corrosion of Conformity were without a doubt the highlight of the day as the band now back together with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan jammed through several C.O.C. masterpieces that had heads banging and fists pumping throughout their set. This classic lineup also includes fellow guitarist Woody Weatherman, bassist Mike Dean and drummer Reed Mullin. The band paid their respects to the recent passing of Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell by playing the Soundgarden rocker “Gun” through its first chorus. “Vote with a Bullet” and “Clean my Wounds” were two high points of the 60 minute set.


Revolutionary rockers Discharge changed things up a bit with their guitar-driven raw sound and shouted vocals. This band played a key role in developing what is now known as thrash and different sub-genre’s of thrash. With early guitarist Anthony “Bones” Roberts and recent vocalist Jeff “J.J.” Janiak , the band sounds as lethal as ever.


The boundry pushing metal of Deafheaven once again had the crowd in a frenzied circle pit as vocalist George Clarke (who can give Eddie Hemida from Suicide Silence a run for his money regarding intense vocals) commanded the stage with his intensity and passion. The band ripped through a 45 minute set that surely got everyone’s blood flowing.

Suicide Silence

Southern California’s own Suicide Silence delivered some authentic deathcore led by vocalist Eddie Hermida. The bands varied speed changes and complex time signatures make for a roller coaster ride of music throughout their set. Hermida is one of the most passionate and spastic vocalists in metal and boy does he put every ounce of energy into his performance. The band had 45 minutes onstage and evoked the biggest circle pits of the day by far.

Butcher Babies

Led by co-vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, Butcher Babies deliver one of the most high energy live music displays you will ever witness. The band has been a touring machine over the last few years and that hard work has paid off as the band gets better and better over time. The band played a new song that had the crowd participating in frenzied circle pits and Harvey came down into the crowd a few times to get up close and personal with the fans. This may have been the first live performance with new drummer Chase Brickenden who kicked ass behind the kit. A new Butcher Babies album was promised this fall.


Having gained popularity in 2016 by opening for Tool, 3teeth opened the Blackest of the Black festival and delivered 30 minutes of powerful and dark industrial metal in the same style of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. Led by vocalist Alexis Mincolla 3teeth was the perfect band to kick off two days of extreme music and the fans in attendance certainly made it known of their like for the band.