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Body Count @ The Marquee Theater – 05/25/2018

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Body Count @ The Marquee Theater - 05/25/2018Gearing up for thier European Festival tour throughout the month of June, Body Count led by Ice T performed a “warm-up” show at The Marquee Theater in Tempe AZ on Friday night May 25 with direct support from Hatebreed Frontman’s Jamey Jasta’s solo project Jasta. This “one-two” punch of extreme music brutality left the Tempe heavy metal fans bruised and bloody but thoroughly satisfied with the appetizer and full course meal served up by Ice T and Jamey Jasta.

After three local Tempe bands kicked off the night, Jasta took the stage and delivered 40 minutes of chaos. Immediately a circle pit opened up, followed by a fight in the crowd with Jasta asking all to get along and look out for each other and jokingly stated “this is why the band can’t get booked anywhere”. Not playing many solo shows, Tempe got a definate treat seeing Jasta live . . . Jasta stated that he got booked on the show by Ice T contacting him and he stated that when the “OG” calls you, you put down what you are doing and get on a plane.

Playing several Jasta songs as well as one Hatebreed song “Last Breath”, the set ended with a special guest as former Killswitch Engage and current Light the Torch vocalist Howard Jones joined Jasta onstage for a killer version of their collaboration “Chasing Demons”. With the crowd now thoroughly filled with adrenaline, they were ready for Body Count.

At 10:20pm the lights dimmed and the police sirens onstage lit up with the spoken word by Dave Mustaine of “Civil War” blasting over the PA, the band took the stage and began the show with a brutal cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood/Postmortem” followed by “Bowels of the Devil” and “Manslaughter” – a KILLER start to 90 minutes of Ice T led brutality! Dressed in black with black gloves, Ice T held nothing back as he belted out his controversial lyrics focusing on racism, police brutality and other social injustices.

Jasta @ The Marquee Theater - 05/25/2018Still out supporting their 2017 release Bloodlust which followed 2014’s Manslaughter, Body Count mixed in old and new material that included a few gems such as a three song medley of covers from The Exploited that Ice T did with Slayer back in 1993 “War/UK ’82/Disorder” as well as a song that I don’t believe has been played live in some time “Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight” – a touching song about loving your mother but having to kill her because she is a racist.

Ice T’s childhood friend and bandmate Ernie C is one of the most soulful yet brutal guitar players in the business as he slays his six-string left-handed Schecter guitar. In addition to his killer playing Ernie C is also a master at syncing up goofy guitar faces with his playing. On second guitar Juan of the Dead compliments Ernie C with his heavy metal attack and the rythm section of Vincent Price on bass and Ill Will on drums completing the Body Count sound. Providing backing vocals and programming is long time Ice T collaborator Sean E Sean.

Ice T made the crowd aware that his name was no longer Ice T or Ice “MuthaFuckin” T that it was Ice “Muthafuckin” T Bitch ! Ice T pointed out a 10 year old up front in the crowd and stated he had kickass parents for letting him attend a Body Count show and then talked about bullying then into the song “Talk Shit, Get Shot” followed by Body Count’s most controversial song “Cop Killer”.

Ice T is an extremely talented performer as there are not many successful motion picture actors, television actors, rappers and heavy metal singers . . . he is certainly the OG, Original Gangster! Ice T stated he has invented the virtual encore, that he was too old to leave the stage and and have the fans chant the bands name for them to come back out . . . the band pretended to leave and come back and went into the final song of the night “This is Why we Ride”, a mid-tempo song with a killer guitar riff about surviving in the hood.

Body Count successfully delivered a cut-throat show and the European fans are in for a treat as they play the festival circuit over the next month. It is rumored that Body Count will enter the studio in the fall of 2018 to begin their next album tentatively titled Carnivore for a 2019 release.

Body Count Setlist:

Raining Blood / Postmortem (Slayer cover) | Bowels of the Devil | Manslaughter | No Lives Matter | Body Count | Necessary Evil | Drive By | Voodoo | There Goes The Neighborhood | Drum Solo | KKK Bitch | Disorder (The Exploited cover) | Talk Shit, Get Shot | Cop Killer | Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies cover) | Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight | This Is Why We Ride

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