Alex Matthews

Caravan Palace @ The Observatory North Park – 10/23/2019

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Caravan Palace brought their unique brand of French electro-swing to the Observatory North Park in San Diego on Wednesday October 23rd. The band is currently touring in support of their latest album Chronologic that was just released on August 30th of this year. Having amassed millions of views for their super catchy and inventive electro-swing YouTube videos for songs like “Lone Digger” and “Rock It For Me” it was interesting to hear the new direction the band has recently taken. The new album material lends more towards electro-pop than electro-swing however still maintains a wonderful catchy feel enhanced by the powerful stage presence of vocalist Zoé Colotis and guitarist Arnaud Vial.

The band played a great setlist highlighting their older hits but playing plenty of songs from the new album.  New songs “Miracle” and “Plume” were clear standouts with a packed North Park audience dancing along the whole evening. Caravan Palace always brings a great party, and their concerts are a celebration of dance, culture, and music from around the world. As  Zoé Colotis put it during the concert.. “It sounds like San Diego likes French music!” This band is a must see for anyone who loves swing but also more mainstream electronic dance music as well, they always put on a killer show.


Comics | Wonderland | Plume | Midnight | Miracle | Black Betty/Jolie Coquine | Aftermath | April | Moonshine \ Supersonics | Leena | About You | Lone Digger | Melancolia | Rock It For Me | Mighty 

Encore: Star Scat | Brother Swing | Clash

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