Chris Loomis

Celebration: The Life of Rob Farr @ Cook’s Corner – 07/17/2021

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I was invited to the Celebration of the Life of Rob Farr by a friend . . . I did not personally know Rob or was even that familiar with the bands he was in, but after he passed away, I could see how many people he knew and how many friends of mine knew him and they all seemed truly devasted by his untimely passing.

My point in writing this piece, is I just want to touch on how much of a family the music community is . . . this celebration held at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon was the perfect setting for such an event. Rob Farr was in several bands throughout his music career playing bass, some of these included Warrior, Radio 80’s and National Dust – all these bands played tribute at this event and all really KICKED ASS as each played a passionate set dedicated to Rob – please check these bands out – great music and great musicians.

There were raffles all day and Rob Farr shirts for sale with all proceeds going to his family, there were so many of Rob’s friends that showed up . . . Jordan West from Junkman Radio/KNAC was the emcee and without a doubt the most touching moment of the day was when Rob’s Mom got up on stage (or carried up on stage) and said a few words about her late son stressing how much she missed him – truly an emotional moment and definitely more than a few tears shed.

Famed guitarist, songwriter and record producer Roy Z showed up to support his fallen friend as did guitarist Ira Black as they led a double guitar attack for an end of day Jam that had so many different people up on stage playing and singing.

There was so much Love on this day at Cook’s Corner . . . it was wonderful to see so many people celebrating the life of Rob Farr! I was able to capture lots (and I do mean lots) of photos of the performances along with some candids . . . Rest in Peace Rob – your music will live on forever – thank you for that gift!!

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