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Combichrist @ The Regent Theater – 06/30/2018

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Combichrist @ The Regent Theater - 06/30/2018On Saturday night June 30 the Everybody Still Hates You tour came to Los Angeles marking the end of a monstrous six-week tour. Combichrist enlisted the help of Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison and Death Valley High for this run, which kicked off in Pomona, CA on May 18. For the last several weeks, the bands have traveled across the United States, before going out with a bang at the Regent Theater in the heart of Downtown LA. The headliners did a fantastic job of picking a well rounded lineup, and venue was packed wall-to-wall all night long!

Death Valley High was the first to take the stage, and they put their all into the last show of the tour. They energized the crowd and the majority of the early birds in attendance were soon moving to the beat. At times, the bands slotted to open shows do not elicit much interaction from the audience, but this is not the case for Death Valley High as this talented group of musicians commanded attention!

Having toured with Combichrist before Night Club was an obvious choice to support them on the Everybody Still Hates You tour. They are making quite a name for themselves and are growing in popularity. It isn’t hard to see why as they continue to release catchy yet hard-hitting industrial pop tunes. On Saturday night at the Regent, Emily Kavanaugh was spirited as always and gave a killer performance despite some technical difficulties, taking it in stride. Night Club played their newest single, “Candy Coated Suicide,” along with older favorites that won the hearts of their adoring fans, including “Bad Girl,” and “Dear Enemy.” Night Club always delivers an entertaining and energetic set at their shows!

Combichrist @ The Regent Theater - 06/30/2018Wednesday 13 kicked off their set with “What the Night Brings,” and sent the audience into a frenzy. As he moved through songs, Wednesday donned an array of costumes, which added an extra artistic element to the music. There was never a dull moment during their set, between the masks, the different outfits, and props. The audience sang along to songs like “I Walked with a Zombie,” and “I Like to Say F*ck,” elated with the band’s elaborate show and stage presence. One thing is for sure… Wednesday 13’s live performance is every ghoul’s dream!

By the time Combichrist took the stage at the Regent, the entire venue was filled. With no barricade to hold them back, fans were packed in, and pushing their way up against the stage. The band’s last performance of the United States tour was overflowing with energy so intense, the floor of the building rumbled. Combichrist has a unique live show, with two drummers (Joe Letz and Nick Rossi), a keyboardist (Elliott Berlin), Eric 13 on guitar, and of course Andy LaPlegua as frontman. With all of this talent and charisma in one band, it’s hard to focus on one element for any length of time. The raw power that emitted from them was unbridled, and the crowd was a sea of movement. Combichrist went out with a full blown explosion, and closed the last show of their tour in an unforgettable way!

The Everybody Still Hates You tour made their final stop on the United States leg in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and Combichrist and company leveled the Regent Theater. In two weeks, this awesome tour will head overseas, before Combichrist head back into the studio to make new music. The next time Combichrist, Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison, or Death Valley High play in a city near you, it’s imperative to experience them for yourself!

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