Corrosion of Conformity @ The Fonda Theater - 02/27/2018 -

Corrosion of Conformity @ The Fonda Theater – 02/27/2018


Corrosion of Conformity @ The Fonda Theater - 02/27/2018We are only two months into 2018 and what will be two of the top hard rock albums have already been released – Corrosion of Conformity, No Cross No Crown and Black Label Society’s Grimmest Hits back in January and one of the mightiest tours is now behind us as North Carolina’s Corrosion of Conformity along with  hometown boys Black Label Society and New Orleans heavyweights EYEHATEGOD played the last show of their nine week tour to a SOLD OUT Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday night February 27.

This show was sure to be a musical battlefield with the pairing of these three bands as each are masters at their craft and each has its own diehard fans who for the most part are fans of all three bands. The Fonda Theater was jam packed early as EYEHATEGOD took the stage at 7:40pm to deliver a 40 minute lesson in Southern Sludge rock.

The combination of Mike Williams tortured vocal style combined with Jimmy Bowers detuned guitars hits like a brick wall while long time bass player Gary Mader and drummer Aaron Hill lay down their massive thud on top of that. Even though EYEHATEGOD has not put out new music since 2014’s self-titled album the fans can’t get enough of the older material and the band seems to be more popular than ever.

IMG_2962aWith bright lights of many colors drowning the stage, Williams wailed out his vocals with ease.  You would never guess that only 15 months ago Williams had liver transplant surgery as he delivers better than ever. The band belted out such tunes as “Lack of Almost Everything”, “Medicine Noose” and ended the set with “Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)”. The New Orleans Sludge community is a tight one as Jimmy Bower also plays drums for Down of which Corrosion of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan is also the guitarist alongside vocalist Phil Anselmo and Bower also plays guitar in Anselmo’s Spuerjoint.

Out supporting their recent release No Cross No Crown which is a well put together slab of their trademark punk infused, heavy-metal laden sludge based stoner-rock, Corrosion of Conformity took the stage at 8:40pm for almost an hour long set of classics old and new. The band strapped on their weapons and went right into the instrumental “Bottom Feeder (El que come abajo)” from 1996’s Wiseblood. Guitarists Woody Weatherman and Pepper Keenan are master craftsman on their instruments making beautiful sounds out of walls of feedback and bending strings and holding notes like a boss.

Bass player Mike Dean is as nasty as they come on the low end and jumping right in with Weatherman and Keenan bending strings. Notably absent was drummer Reed Mullin . . . although the sit in drummer did a hell of a job bashing the skins, it is unclear at this time his identity.

EYEHATEGOD @ The Fonda Theater - 02/27/2018The band then went right into the only song played off No Cross No Crown, “The Luddite” which sounded amazing live. Based on how strong the new album is it was disappointing no other new songs were played. Hopefully a North American headline tour will be announced which would allow for more new songs in the setlist.

Pepper Keenan’s voice is as strong as ever and as already mentioned he displays some amazing guitar skills. Keenan seemed glad to be back in California as the band belted out such tunes as “Vote with a Bullet” (Keenan’s first song he sang on in COC), “Albatross” and ended the night with the ever so popular “Clean My Wounds”. The Fonda Theater was certainly at attention throughout the set and even a few mosh pits broke out during the heavier songs.

The almighty Los Angeles chapter of Black Label Society was out in full force on this night to support the band and “The Boss” Zakk Wylde. Playing some older heavier songs to start the show had the die-hard Berserkers in a frenzy then things went mid-tempo with some new songs off Grimmest Hits before slowing down with “The Blessed Hellride”, “Bridge to Cross” then the Dimebag tribute “In This River”.

Wylde can only be described as a beast on guitar as he belted out a killer 15 minute solo as he went into the crowd to play then somehow made his way up to the balcony at The Fonda. The band ended the show with the fast paced “Stillborn” and just like that this epic night was over.


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