Counting Crows & Matchbox Twenty @ Mattress Firm Amphitheater – 07/28/2017 -

Counting Crows & Matchbox Twenty @ Mattress Firm Amphitheater – 07/28/2017


Counting Crows @ Mattress Firm Amphitheater - 07/28/2017As the sun began to inch below the hills in Chula Vista on Friday night July 28, Counting Crows took the stage at Mattress Firm Amphitheater with full approval of the audience. Adam Duritz, the ever engaging frontman, began singing “Hard Candy” with great heartfelt hand motions and facial expressions – a good sign that this was going to be a great performance by a band that has been together for 26 years.

The most enjoyable moments of the night were when Duritz addressed the crowd, gave us a backstory to a song (“This is a song I wrote in Berkeley. There was nothing on that street except for us and a print shop across that street. I didn’t finish it for 20 years. I kept cannibalizing it, I used parts of it for ‘Goodnight Elizabeth.’ It’s called ‘When I Dream of Michelangelo”), or turned his sense of humor on himself. At the end of “Omaha” he said, “Every once in a while you make a poor choice of notes like at the end of that song. I didn’t like that at all. It was just a load of shit of mediocrity.”

Other great moments of their set centered around some of the band’s greatest hits. Adam Duritz had the crowd sing along to the melody of “Omaha.” He came up to the front of the stage, sat down on the speakers and sang to the crowd as if performing in a living room. The extended version of “Round Here,” released in 1993 off of their August and Everything After album was a crowd pleaser. And when Duritz sat behind the piano for “Long December,” people swayed to the heartfelt melody. Surprisingly, they left their biggest hit, “Mr. Jones,” off. Never mind, it didn’t seem like the fans missed it one bit.

Matchbox Twenty @ Mattress Firm Amphitheater - 07/28/2017Matchbox Twenty took the stage with a tremendous amount of energy from the get-go. With no speakers or electronic equipment obstructing the front of the stage, Rob Thomas was able to dance and interact with the crowd immediately forging a strong connection with his loyal, screaming fans. He was gracious with his words as he addressed the 8000+ in attendance, “You have given us the biggest gift which is your time. We are going to give you a great Friday night. Are you with us? Let’s have a good time.”


After six fast paced songs, they slowed down their set with “If You’re Gone.” And “Hand Me Down.” The evening got a little sexier with “Disease,” as couples slow danced and groped each other in the aisles.

Some of the fans’ favorite moments were when the band put all of their energy into songs like “So Sad So Lonely.” Couple a dynamic performance with a great light show and the crowd will go wild. My personal favorite moments were the more moodier performances of “English Town,” and the more delicate “Hang.”

Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty continue on to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona, the South, and the East Coast on their Brief History of Everything tour through mid-September.

Counting Crows Setlist:

Hard Candy | Daylight Fading | Scarecrow | Colorblind | Four White Stallions | Omaha | Cover Up the Sun | Miami | When I Dream of Michelangelo | Round Here | A Long December | Griveous Angel | Hangingaround |

Encore:  Palisades Park | Rain King

Matchbox Twenty Setlist:

Real World | Girl Like That | She’s So Mean | Bent | Argue | I’ll Believe You When | If You’re Gone | Hand Me Down | How Far We’ve Come | Disease | All Your Seasons | Mad Season | So Sad So Lonely | Englishtown | Hang | Unwell | Back 2 Good | Push

Encore: 3 AM | Long Day | Bright Lights

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