Courtney Barnett @ House of Blues San Diego – 10/11/2017 -

Courtney Barnett @ House of Blues San Diego – 10/11/2017


Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile @ House of Blues - 10/11/2017For all of you that were wondering about Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile’s drink of choice on stage, I’m here to inform you that it’s Mexican beer. Court drinks Corona and Kurt drinks Tecate.

Fans were foaming at the mouth in anticipation at the sold out House of Blues show on Wednesday night October 11. Much like their delightfully simple collaboration, “Lotta Sea Lice” released on October 13th, Barnett and Vile surfed their way through their set, each song would ebb and flow like a wave building and sweeping over you.

Barnett and Vile were like a brother and sister on stage. Each one in tune with the other, in on some private joke. Their camaraderie was palpable. As was to be expected, their show didn’t provide fireworks nor a dramatic video montage, they didn’t even interact much with the crowd other than to thank them for coming out to the show. When you are as musically proficient as Barnett and Vile, you don’t need bells and whistles.  The songs convey such intimate range of emotions that invite your fans to ride that wave with you.

The absolutely charming Jen Cloher opened up the evening with a short set. Hailing from Australia like Barnett, she announced that this was her first performance in the US. She has just released her 4th album

A Crowd favorite was “Kamakazi Origami” which she introduced by saying, “This next song is about friends who think you’ve been single for too long. So you make a list of all the attributes you are looking for in a person and then you burn the list in your backyard because you are not that desperate.”

Before singing “David Bowie Eyes” she explained that it was written for her teenage heroes Bowie and Jim Morrison.

Courtney Barnett Setlist

Over Everything | Fear is Like a Forest | Outta The Woodwork | Let it Go | Continental Breakfast | On Script | On Tour | Depreston | Life Like This | Blue Cheese | Untogether

Encore: Elvis Presley Blues | Pretty Pimpin | Avant Gardener

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