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Cradle of Filth @ The Belasco Theater – 04/19/2018

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Cradle of Filth @ The Belasco Theater -04/19/2018If you felt a rumble in Los Angeles last Thursday April 19, it was probably British extreme metal titans Cradle of Filth decimating the Belasco Theater! The Cryptoriana World Tour made a stop in Southern California, with support from Uncured and Jinjer. Cradle of Filth is touring in support of their newest album, Cryptoriana- The Seductiveness of Decay, released in 2017. All three bands gave memorable performances, and melted faces!

Uncured and Jinjer were slotted to get the crowd warmed up, and get the energy flowing. During the first two sets, a few people could be seen rocking out, and bobbing their heads. Ultimately, it seemed as though the Cradle fans were waiting for the main event. Jinjer got a little more interaction from the crowd, with frontwoman Tatiana Shmaylyuk’s powerhouse vocals and charisma. She could put most men to shame with her growls and screams, and then flip them on their heads with her beautiful singing voice.

As soon as Cradle of Filth hit the stage, the Belasco Theater exploded into a frenzy. The band was dressed in gothic style garb, with Dani Filth wearing a spiked, armor style vest. The band kicked off their set with “Gilded Cunt.” From start until finish, all members of the band were moving, making sure to put on a great show for the audience. They played through a gauntlet of a set, including the songs “Blackest Magick in Practice,” “Dusk and Her Embrace,” and “The Death of Love.” At the end of their set, Cradle of Filth played an extensive encore, including “Her Ghost in the Fog,” and “Nymphetamine (Fix).”

The United States leg of the Cryptoriana world tour has officially concluded as of the date of this review, but that should not stop you from checking out all three of these amazing bands. Uncured, Jinjer, and Cradle of Filth all gave encore-worthy performances, and left the crowd hungry for more. Keep an eye out for when these bands tour again!

Cradle of Filth Setlist:

Gilded Cunt | Beneath the Howling Stars | Blackest Magick in Practice | Heartbreak and Séance | Bathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher / A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / Eyes That Witnessed Madness | Dusk and Her Embrace | The Death of Love | You Will Know the Lion by His Claw | Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors


A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon | The Promise of Fever | Nymphetamine (Fix) | Her Ghost in the Fog | Born in a Burial Gown | From the Cradle to Enslave

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