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Cradle of Filth @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/08/2019

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Cradle of Filth @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/08/2019

What is sure to be one of the most twisted, dark and entertaining tours of the year is underway and made a stop at House of Blues Anaheim on Friday night March 8 as Cradle of Filth along with Wednesday 13 and Raven Black gave a 1-2-3 punch to those in attendance. Out for the final US run supporting their 2017 release Cryptoriana, Cradle of Filth is once again shattering eardrums and raising eyebrows across North America.

If you combined a dark metal band with a spooky carnival led by a real-life doll, you would get the band Raven Black. Led by Raven Black herself, the dark, edgy metal coupled with a stage show consisting of costumes, props and makeup leads to a Spooktacular show. Referred to as the soundtrack to Raven’s madness, the band consisting of Raven on vocals, Muppet on drums, The Doctor on lead guitar and Stitches on bass delivered a twisted theatrical performance along with the perfect blend of demented heaviness.

With the crowd now fully primed, Wednesday 13 hit the stage and put on a 50-minute show that without a doubt blew away any recent performances by Mr. Motherfucker and his band. Kicking off the show with “Hail Ming”, Wednesday 13 had on a long cloak and hood with a pirate hook on his left hand with a haunting white half mask. Mr. 13 moved and flowed with the music as he belted out his spooky lyrics. With multiple costume changes and a moody light show, the performance had you captivated as Wednesday 13 delivered several groove laden, catchy metal anthems that even included a new song from their upcoming album (title unknown).

Wednesday 13 @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/08/2019

The highlight of the show is when Wednesday 13 puts on a white mask on the back of his head and sings with his back to the crowd making himself look like some type of inhuman contortionist as he moves to the music. Towards the end of the set a mosh pit formed and the fans engaged in some friendly, violent fun and all were now FULLY ready to be pummeled by Cradle of Filth.

Symphonic, Goth Metal kings Cradle of Filth certainly have a cult following here in the USA and the die-hards dressed in black with white & black corpse paint invaded House of Blues to witness the second night if the Cryptoriana World Tour 2019 (The tour began the night prior in Las Vegas). The band hit the stage one by one with Dani Filth having a full hood covering his face then the music kicked in and the band wasted no time with getting nasty as they blasted through “Gilded Cunt” then right into “Nemesis”. Filth, a master at his vocal craft has no problem going from the highest pitch screams you will ever hear to lower, growling snarls – complemented by the soothing yet haunting female vocals of Lindsay Schoolcraft who also holds down the keyboards.

The twin guitar attack of Marek Šmerda and Richard Shaw is ear piercing as both are extremely skilled axe slingers and both interact with the crowd at the edge of the stage.

The thunder that is the breakneck double bass drumming is handled by Martin Škaroupka with his partner on the low end Daniel Firth headbanging like a maniac while thumping the bass. The stage was lined with old-fashioned street lights with a large Cradle of Filth backdrop and the light show was vibrant and fitting for the content of each song. Filth had the crowd in the palm of his hands all night as the band took you through a musical journey. Cradle of Filth now has twelve albums to makeup a setlist and they did a fine job with their choice on this night.

The band went all the way back to the year 2000 and ended this magical night with “Her Ghost in the Fog”. Cradle of Filth, Wednesday 13 and Raven Black remain out terrorizing North America through April 18, ending this traveling carnival in Dallas, TX.

Cradle of Filth Set List:

Gilded Cunt | Nemesis | Right Wing of the Garden Triptych | Heartbreak and Séance | Bathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher / A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / Eyes That Witnessed Madness | Wester Vespertine | Dusk and Her Embrace | You Will Know the Lion by His Claw | A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon | The Promise of Fever | Saffron’s Curse | Nymphetamine | Honey and Sulphur | Her Ghost in the Fog

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