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Dead by Sunrise @ The Roxy on Sunset 10/19/09

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On Monday night, the Roxy Theater on Sunset was graced by the presence of Chester Bennington and his new band, Dead by Sunrise.

The concert, which took place in front of a few hundred local fans, was the first headlining show at the Roxy for the group, as it promotes it’s first album release.

With “Out of Ashes” being released only weeks prior to the event, the L.A. group already has a decent following, as a few hundred locals came out on a Monday night to see them.

But with only one album out to date, DBS had a limited number of songs to include in their 45-minute set.

The group came out hot with “Crawl Back In,” the first single off its debut album. The next song was not one from the album, but still provided a good amount of energy, before Bennington showed the crowd the emotional part of the program.

Resembling Linkin Park, DBS elected to play four of their softer, more intimate pieces, back-to-back before jumping back into the louder, higher-energy numbers.

Songs like “Let Down,” and “Too Late” gave the audience a chance to see Bennington’s true feelings, as he emoted his words before finally releasing all the pent up energy by spinning and head-banging during the instrumental breaks.

Bennington and his boys then used “Fire,” the first track on the “Out of Ashes” album, as a transition back toward the intensity.

“End of the World,” “My Suffering” and “Condemned” showcased Bennington’s frustration through certain aspects of his life. Following suit, the band matched his energy as if they were going through the feelings with him.

DBS ended the show with the classic Misfit’s anthem “20 Eyes,” before spending time on stage shaking hands their fans who.

Though the venue was small, DBS kept the crowd going all evening. For their first official headlining gig, they put on a show that gave the fans a chance to connect with them on a personal level, something that not many bands are capable of doing in live shows.

Opening the night was Orange County rock group, Neo Geo, and Delta Fiasco, a techno-rock group.

With a sound that resembled slightly-immature version of Paramore, Neo Geo set a pretty good tone for the others by playing loud and trying their best to get the crowd involved.

However, middle-group Delta Fiasco slowed the pace down, giving time for their techno beats and instruments to get going before finally saying a word about five minutes into their first song.

While the beats and songs were interesting, the energy output did not match, as the group chose not to move too much during the entire set, neglected to use much lighting at all and the lead singer seemed to be looking down every time his mouth got near the microphone.

However, Bennington backed up the group during DBS’ set by saying, “If you didn’t like Delta Fiasco, then you don’t like music.”

Photos by Paul Hebert

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