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Dead Kennedys @ Echoplex – 07/20/2017

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Dead Kennedys @ Echoplex 07/20/2017Punk rock veterans Dead Kennedys have been one of the biggest names in the genre since 1978, and when they stopped by the Echoplex in Los Angeles on July 20th, 2017, they proved that the scene is most definitely not dead. Playing to fans in a sold out venue, it appeared that, even though the band members have aged, the sands of time had stopped when it came to their musical abilities. Die-hard loyals both young and old came from near and far to witness the legends’ return to Southern California, and an overwhelmingly upbeat energy filled the room from the beginning of the night until the end. This band has stood the test of time, and it is clear that the Dead Kennedys are not going anywhere.

A band that has been around as long as the Dead Kennedys is bound to go through lineup changes for one reason or another. Although lead singer Jello Biafra left the band in 2008 to focus on other endeavors, current frontman Ron Greer has been doing a great job at the helm. He had no trouble engaging the audience and belting out the classics, including “Police Truck,” “Jack-O-Rama,” “California Uber Alles,” and of course “Holiday in Cambodia.” Geoffrey Lyall, also known as Klaus Flouride, kept the groove alive on bass. Raymond Pepperell, better known as East Bay Ray, flawlessly melted faces with his guitar riffs. Darren Henley, known to fans as D. H. Peligro, was a powerhouse behind the drum kit. These old school punks transported the patrons of the Echoplex back to the eighties with every seamlessly executed song.

From the moment the band appeared on stage, there was constant pushing and shoving. There was no single mosh pit, as the entire floor erupted into a massive one. Although this might seem like an intense visual, the overall mood of the night was ecstatic. The Dead Kennedys coming back to play in Los Angeles was a special occasion, and the multitude of fans was excited to see legendary group tear up the stage. The energy in the room reached an all-time high, however, when the band began to play their closing song “Chemical Warfare.” Everyone was singing along, and there was not a stationary body to be seen. At the end of the set, all of the fans left with a smile.

Dead Kennedys Setlist:

Forward To Death | Winnebago Warrior | Police Truck | Buzzbomb | Landlord | Jack-O-Rama | Kill the Poor | MP3 Get Off the Web | Too Drunk to Fuck | Moon Over Marin | Nazi Punks | California Uber Alles | Bleed for Me | Viva Las Vegas | Holiday in Cambodia | Chemical Warfare

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