Kaitlin Duffy

Dinosaur Jr @ The Observatory – 10/09/2012

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Flashback 20 years ago, you’d see Dinosaur Jr. up on stage rockin’ out with a little more grunge in the audience—things probably less coordinated, some glitches here and there. But come 2012, these guys have got it down to a real science; their performance at the Santa Ana Observatory was nothing short of perfect, and showed the band hadn’t lost the much-loved Dinosaur Jr touch (or their hair, as a matter of fact!).

I loved the bands rock ability in motion, and particularly enjoyed bass player Lou Barlow’s head banging stance as the band played favorites off Where You Been, making me a bit nostalgic for my prime Dinosaur Jr. listening days.

J Masics, to everyone’s high expectations, fulfilled a night of quality guitar playing that fed back some perfectly-pitched guitar noise, giving us our dose of solos that at least I know I was in need of.

The crowd remained calm throughout the entire set, surprisingly, though there was a slight attempt to mosh and crowd surf at one point—but I think for the most part everyone came out just to see their heroes and rock out to their longstanding favorites by the guys.

We will never know what it was like to have seen Dinosaur Jr. at a pivotal point in their early heyday, but we don’t think we will lose any sleep over it anytime soon. Last night was more than enough to prove to us that the phrase “they still have it” can be applied to the trio of J. Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph. Any fan of the band can find them selves in a state of rock-n-roll bliss in watching them perform, and Dinosaur Jr. do not need youth to be relevant or a solid live act. They just need to bring those instruments, and do what they’ve been doing for their career: play extraordinarily well.

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