Dokken @ The Coach House - 08/05/2017 -

Dokken @ The Coach House – 08/05/2017


Dokken @ The Coach House – 08/05/2017Metal veterans Dokken played their first show in the month of August to a capacity crowd at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Saturday night August 5. In the 38 years of the bands existence they have played everything from large stadiums to small theaters. Vocalist and band namesake Don Dokken states “it makes no difference – I enjoy my passion as a musician as much today as ever”.

Although some band members have changed, the music and live show remains intact and in your face. This mini tour was all about the old classics with a couple of newer tracks thrown in. Diehard fans were grooving and moving, hands held high throughout the night. The band seemed energized and excited more so than in previous live settings. Don Dokken gave it his all and sounded great, understanding a few of the songs, you just are not going to sound exactly like when you were 20 years old, but that made no difference to the crowd,  just to hear all the old hits of the day was a trip back in time.

Guitarist Jon Levin has been at the top of his game since he joined Dokken back in 2008. He has the former guitar players licks down to a tee as well as adding his own flare to the music. Levin is just a dang good player along with his stage presence makes for a very entertaining show. And yes “WILD” Mick Brown another one of the original members along with Don, is in fact, one Wild Drummer. Always a great player to watch and keeping that solid beat to every song along with bass player Chris McCarvill who joined the band in 2015. Overall the band remains true to the Dokken classic sound we all know and love.

Dokken Setlist

Don’t Close Your Eyes | The Hunter | Kiss of Death | Into the Fire | Breaking the Chains | Dream Warriors | Just Got Lucky | Alone Again | Maddest Hatter | Too High to Fly | It’s Not Love | In My Dreams

Encore: Tooth and Nail