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Doyle @ Brick By Brick – 03/10/2018

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Doyle @ Brick By Brick - 03/10/2018The Monsterman Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and his band Doyle are currently out on the road for the “As We Die World Abomination Tour 2018” in support of the bands sophomore release, 2017’s Doyle II: As We Die. Now most famous for being a member of the Misfits – especially since they have been playing a few reunion shows – Doyle has worked his ass off to create his own identity and his own music and he has succeeded at that with two KILLER Doyle albums and the non-stop touring to support those efforts.

On Saturday March 10, Doyle made a stop at San Diego’s intimate Brick By Brick for the first of two Southern California shows (the second being March 11 in Hollywood). The night started off with four opening acts that included The Heathens, Chemical Warfare, Steeltoe and Society 1. All bringing a killer sound to the stage with the standouts being Steeltoe with their Suicidal Tendencies meets Rage Against the Machine mixture and direct support act, Los Angeles based Society 1 with the energetic stage presence form vocalist Lord Zane.

At 11:00pm Doyle and his bandmates Alex “Wolfman” Story on vocals, Brandon Strate on bass and wildman Wade Murff on drums took the stage to a very enthusiastic and rowdy Brick By Brick crowd as the band went into “Abominator” and the chaos ensued for the next 70 minutes. With his hulking, shirtless frame, Doyle is a giant onstage and be punishes his guitars like no other to belt out his piercing riffs. Hardly still in the same place, Doyle is all over the stage and likes to play right at the edge of the stage in the face of the fans.

Doyle @ Brick By Brick - 03/10/2018


While Doyle is beating his guitars to submission, vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story has a unique stage presence all his own. Story likes to climb speakers and lay on the floor and it’s hard to tell if it is an act or if he is really out of his mind – regardless it makes for a great show. Story would introduce each song with the same “This is a Love song, you can dance to it if you like” which added a few laughs each time. Bottom line, Story is a phenomenal frontman in a league of his own.


Doyle’s massive guitar sound is complimented by the animal style drumming from Wade Murff and his rhythm partner in crime on bass Brandon Strate. The thrashy horror punk vibe was in full effect with songs like “DreamingDeadGirls”, “We Belong Dead” and “King Of the Undead” as Doyle proved his music can stand on it’s own as the band played six songs off each Doyle album with no sign of any Misfits songs. The band ended the night with the ferocious “Hope Hell is Warm” then leaving the stage.

The “As We Die World Abomination Tour 2018” runs through the Northwest then back into the Mid-West through March. Be sure to catch this tour when it comes your way. Doyle would be a perfect opening band for the Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie tour this summer if anybody is listening . . . Up next for Doyle is a SOLD OUT Misfits reunion show at The Prudential Center in New Jersey on May 19 with Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig.

Doyle Setlist

Abominator | Beast Like Me | HeadHunter | Valley of Shadows | Witchcraft | DreamingDeadGirls | Cemeterysexxx | Darkside | We Belong Dead | Dark Gods Arise | King Of the Undead | Hope Hell Is Warm

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