Tamara Igleheart

Doyle @ Whisky A Go Go – 12/14/2018

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Doyle (featuring Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, formerly of the Misfits) never fails to put on a great show, and this time around, they needed two nights at the world famous Whisky A Go Go to fully abominate Los Angeles. On December 13th and 14th, the band took the stage and melted the faces of everyone in attendance.

It was a long wait until 11:30pm, when it was Doyle’s turn to entertain the patrons of the Whisky for the second time. The floor was completely packed, and the crowd was ready to watch the monsterman himself right before their eyes. The band appeared on stage, and the room erupted into mayhem. Doyle is a master guitar player, and decades of performing have not hindered his ability in the least bit. He has crafted an expert group of musicians, fronted by the ever enigmatic Alex “Wolfman” Story. The band released their newest album Doyle II: As We Die in 2017, and they have been touring extensively ever since. This is one show that is not to be missed when it rolls through your city!

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