Kaitlin Duffy

Dramarama @ The Key Club – 11/8/2012

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While listening to Dramarama one can hear a thread of pop and 80s rock sounds that after all these years still draw an eclectic crowd in none other than their very own hometown here in Los Angeles, this time at the Key Club on Sunset.

Tweens, older folks, and anyone in between got to enjoy a rare but awesome show that had us singin’, dancin’, and well, let’s face it: when the slower jams played we were a little nostalgic. But that didn’t mean anyone was mopin’ around, nope—the guys’ energy was enough to get the crowd goin’.

Lead vocalist John Easdale didn’t want to spoil it all for everyone by starting off the night playing favorites like “Last Cigarette” and “Anything, Anything,” so he saved the best for last, in which I am glad, ‘cause it definitely made for a great ending of a night of Dramaramaness.

Easdale came out on stage with sunglasses and a cowboy hat, but as things heated up he revealed that face we know and love from the past twenty years. Oh, and that ponytail. Cannot forget that ponytail.

Bass player Chris Carter, who’s also been known to also DJ all over the city of LA, was all dancin’ around everywhere, really getting the crowd to jump on board; you could feel the excitement throughout and I think Carter had 75% to do with that.

Hits from the glory years including a bunch from Everybody Dies and Hi-Fi Sci-Fi got people excited and singing along (drunkenly!). A few new from their upcoming album that’s allegedly being released this year were played, though no official name or details have been released by the guys quite yet…

I’m hoping for some sort of full-length tour in the future, because I know people all over who truly appreciate the 80s alt rock style Dramarama delivers oh so well.

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