Danielle Carrillo

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Mayan 12/14/09

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A steady buzz was building long before Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros hit the Mayan stage Monday night. Anticipation floated above the clamor of the sold out crowd and the band did not fail to meet expectations.

The LA collective of a dozen members were assembled across the stage with their dozens of instruments. Lead vocalists Alex “Edward Sharpe” Ebert and Jade Castrinos opened the show with the enthusiastic sing-along-clap-along “40 Days.”

Unadulterated joy emanated from the band and the audience the entire night. Castrinos twirled around the stage with a radiant smile that was instantly contagious. Ebert captivated the audience not only with his voice but also with the alter ego he has created.

At times naively childlike and other times simply tender and soulful, the music led the audience with little direction from any single band member.

When the Zeros erupt, the audience erupts. When the Zeros tell a tender story, the audiences listens. And when the band is beautifully understated, like Stewart Cole’s trumpet during “Simplest Love,” the audience is stunned silent.

Ebert has set out to build a community within the band and with fans. The evening was never the Alex Ebert Show; it was never about ego. It was a night of sharing a moment, a song, a note. Members from opening acts Las Cafeteras and Fool’s Gold made their way onstage for the encore to partake in what turned into a circus with three bands and fans dancing around and playing onstage.

Sure there were minor setbacks along the way for the bands homecoming show (feedback issues early on and sound equipment fails later on), however it never deterred from an effervescent performance piece that was nothing short of bliss.

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