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Ensiferum @ The Regent – 01/21/2019

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Ensiferum @ The Regent – 01/21/2019

On January 21 Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum blew the doors off of The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Septicflesh (hailing from Greece), Arsis, Witherfall, and LA locals, Thorns of Sin were also on the bill, and one thing was for sure: face-melting metal was NOT in short supply that Monday night.

Ensiferum took the stage, and the crowd immediately began chanting along with the first song of the set, “For Those About to Fight for Metal.” It was an awe-inspiring moment; the audience singing along, the scathing guitar riffs, and thundering double bass kicks created a euphoric atmosphere. The band released their latest album Two Paths in September 2017, and it’s safe to say that fans are anxious for new Ensiferum material. They played a dynamic and lively set at the Regent, and they know how to turn up the energy of a room. Weekday be damned, the fans in attendance moshed the night away!

Ensiferum Set List:

For Those About to Fight for Metal | Two Paths | Heathen Horde | Twilight Tavern | Treacherous Gods | Lai Lai Hei | Warrior Without a War | From Afar | Wanderer | Way of the Warrior | Two of Spades

Encore: | Guardians of Fate | In My Sword I Trust | Iron

Ensiferum Photo Gallery:

Septicflesh Photo Gallery:

Witherfall Photo Gallery:

Arsis Photo Gallery:

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