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Everclear @ House of Blues Anaheim – 06/29/2017

Everclear @ House Of Blues Anaheim – 6/29/2017

Everclear @ House Of Blues Anaheim – 6/29/2017

In a day and age where nostalgia sells concert tickets, Everclear jumped on the bandwagon. In celebration of the 20th birthday of their breakthrough 2x platinum 1997 release So Much For The Afterglow, the band officially closed out their 40 show tour at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Thursday, June 29th. A nearly packed house welcomed the band, who also brought along openers Vertical Horizon and Fastball for this sentimental journey to celebrate the album that won them a Billboard award for Best Modern Rock Band of the year.

With matching black 3 piece suits and tennis shoes, the band hit the stage and proceeded to play what would be considered the ‘A’ side of Afterglow with lead singer (and only remaining original member) Art Alexakis  powering his way through the album title track “So Much For The Afterglow”, “Everything To Everyone” and “Normal Like You”. The show immediately caught steam with the next two tracks – “I Will Buy You A New Life” and “Father Of Mine”— both of which were huge crowd hits. The later was the mainstream hit the alternative rock band desperately needed 20 years ago that catapulted them onto pop radio stations.

Midway through the show there was a brief 4 song break from the track-by-track coverage of Afterglow to mix in older tunes that included “Heroin Girl” and “Heartspark Dollarsign”. An extreme guitar riff on “Heroin Girl” was thunderous, Alexakis took time early in the set to introduce each band member (Dave French on lead guitar, Freddy Herrera on bass and Jake Margolis on drums.

Everclear @ House Of Blues Anaheim – 6/29/2017

Everclear @ House Of Blues Anaheim – 6/29/2017

Alexakis was engaging and honest with the crowd, taking the time between songs for random antidotes and set-ups for the next tune. The ‘second side’ of the album started off with “El Distorto de Melodica”, which turned into an absolute jam fest and played well to the largely select demographic in-house of middle aged fans. The band finished up the remainder of the album, all of which included no radio hits but the crowd patiently waited for a promised 4 song encore. Their endurance paid off as the band returned for rousing guitar solos followed by some of their biggest hits — “AM Radio”, “Local God”, “Wonderful” and show closer “Santa Monica”. The final song (off the 1994 release Sparkle and Fade) is one of their most recognizable tunes, incorporating their patented sound and the distinctive vocals of the now 55 year old Alexakis. During this final song he gladly encouraged an audience sing along, the challenge was accepted by the crowd and perfectly closed the show.

The Austin-based band Fastball, best known for their Billboard Top 5 hit from 1998 “The Way” was first up for openers…their 12 song set was refreshing and also provided a few solid sing-along moments from the early arriving crowd. The band coincidentally toured and opened for Everclear on the original Afterglow tour 20 years ago.

Matt Scannell, the singer/songwriter responsible for Vertical Horizon presented a speedy 10 song set. He and his touring bandmates brought their adult contemporary rock to the stage shortly after Fastball and breezed through their time, saving their biggest hits for the tail end of the set. Originally released in 2000, “You’re A God” and “Everything You Wanted” were easily recognized by the casual fan…the later was a Billboard #1 hit on the Top 100 charts back when Y2K was a concern, taking a remarkable 26 weeks to reach that spot.

For Everclear, a few random dates remain for 2017 here in the States including a Vegas show at the Flamingo Hotel on Sunday, July 16th at the Go Pool Stage while late September/early October brings a short 6 show Australia/New Zealand tour.

Everclear Setlist:

So Much For The Afterglow | Everything To Everyone | Normal Like You | I Will Buy You A New Life | Father Of Mine | One Hit Wonder | Heroin Girl | Heartspark Dollarsign | Nervous and Weird | The Swing | El Distorto De Melodica | Amphetamine | White Men In Black Suits | Sunflowers | Why I Don’t Believe In God | Like A California King    Encore:  AM Radio | Local God | Wonderful | Santa Monica

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