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Exodus & Municipal Waste @ House of Blues Anaheim – 02/26/2018


Exodus @ House of Blues Anaheim – 02/26/2018One of the most brutal tours made a stop in Anaheim Monday night February 26 at House of Blues pairing the mighty thrash veterans Exodus with the younger cross-over thrash masters Municipal Waste. This Thrashtacular tour was sponsored by Adult Swim bringing these two bands together on this 13 city thrash-tastic tour to celebrate season three of Mr. Pickles – the Adult Swim show featuring the demonic border collie Mr. Pickles.

Municipal Waste is still supporting their June 2017 release Slime and Punishment while Exodus’ last release Blood In, Blood Out was released all the way back in 2014 with a new album out soon after Gary Holt wraps up his touring commitments with Slayer later this year. Regardless, this was surely to be a memorable night of thrashtaculer music.

Municipal Waste took the stage at 8:30pm and immediately the giant circle pit started as did the non-stop crowd surfing as the band kicked off the night with “Breathe Grease”. From here on out it was total insanity as vocalist Tony Foresta was interacting with the crowd and demanding circle pits and crowd surfing. The House of Blues security was extra busy on this night as in addition to the crowd surfers several fans made it on stage only to dive back into the crowd.

The band played such ragers as “Mind Eraser”, “Beer Pressure” and “Slime and Punishment” as there was never a dull moment during the performance. Foresta pushed through the set like a champ while suffering from some voice issues. The band brought out Valient Thorr singer Valient Himself for a guest appearance on “Thrashing’s My Business… And Business Is Good”. The highlight of the night was without a doubt the last two songs as the crowd exploded with energy for “The Art of Partying” and the final song “Born to Party” as the chorus “Municipal Waste is gonna F#@k You Up was chanted loudly and proudly by all in attendance. Municipal Waste just WASTED the House of Blues!

Municipal Waste @ House of Blues Anaheim – 02/26/2018After about a 15 minute set change, a Mr. Pickles promo came on the large screen to promote the show then the lights dimmed and round 2 of thrash insanity was about to begin as the band took the stage to Def Lepperd’s “Let it Go” then Exodus wasted no time with getting brutal as they kicked into “Bonded by Blood” and just as with Municipal Waste, the circle pits and crowd surfing began . . . and never stopped.

Steve “Zetro” Souza immediately had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he belted out his gritty vocals as he walked every inch of the stage. The dual guitar attack of Gary Holt (who also plays in Slayer) and Lee Altus is without a doubt one of the premier duos in thrash metal. These two belt out monster riffs and trade off scorching solos throughout the set and seeing these two live really puts their playing into perspective. Holt is one of the originators of thrash metal and it cannot be denied he is the most metal you can be – playing in Slayer and Exodus – it doesn’t get any more metal than that!!

The rhythm section of Exodus is more booming than any thunder as Tom Hunting is a master on drums alongside bass player Jack Gibson. The two together create one of the most explosive sounds in thrash metal today (or ever). The band played a few off their 2014 record Blood In, Blood Out before “Zetro” asked the crowd if they wanted to hear some old stuff and they played “Metal Command” and a crowd favorite “A Lesson in Violence”. And from here on out it was all old school Exodus . . . .

During “The Toxic Waltz”, “Zetro” parted the crowd for what was to be an insane Wall of Death and that’s exactly what it was – INSANE! The band (and crowd) now dripping in sweat gathered up one last bit of energy as Exodus ended this Thrashtacular night in Anaheim with the ferocious “Strike of the Beast”.

Exodus alongside their peers in Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Overkill, etc are making some of the best, most creative and brutal music in recent days some 30 years after their beginnings which is proof that Thrash Metal is , always was and always will be a fan favorite based on the turnout for this amazing show in Anaheim.

Municipal Waste Setlist

Breathe Grease | Mind Eraser | You’re Cut Off | Unleash the Bastards | Sadistic Magician | Bourbon Discipline | Beer Pressure | Thrashing’s My Business… And Business Is Good | I Want to Kill the President | Black Ice | Poison the Preacher | Amateur Sketch | Slime & Punishment | The Thrashin’ of the Christ | Substitute Creature | Parole Violators | Headbanger Face Rip | The Art of Partying | Born to Party

Municipal Waste Photo Gallery

Exodus Setlist

Bonded by Blood | Blood In, Blood Out | Iconoclasm | And Then There Were None | Fabulous Disaster | Body Harvest | Metal Command | A Lesson in Violence | Blacklist | War Is My Shepherd | The Toxic Waltz | Strike of the Beast

Exodus Photo Gallery