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Experimental Rock Band Time & Energy

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time & energySurfacing within our beloved Golden State, Experimental Rock group Time & Energy have re-emerged with their new digital album titled Strange Kind of Focus. Specifically entering into the music scene from Santa Ana, California, Time & Energy consists of vibrant duo Jorge Rios (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, and percussion) and Brennan Roach (drums, bass, keys, guitar, and clarinet). This dynamic team of childhood friends, masterfully utilize the slew of instruments listed above, intertwined with looping techniques to create a sometimes chaotic, yet stunningly enticing formulaic sound that ultimately whips up a grandiose familiarity of what we call experimental rock.

Reminiscent of bands like Radiohead, Akron/Family, Battles, Do Make Say Think, Badly Drawn Boy, Broken Social Scene, and Beck, Time and Energy first introduced themselves with their 8-track debut album titled Entertainica, which features a mix of experimental tracks interwoven with hints of indie, blues, jazz and electronica. This album ultimately landed them on the independent music scene three years after forming. Their follow-up self-recorded album titled Strange Kind of Focus, which released on November 16, 2012, has really drawn my upmost attention. First off, I know this is a far stretched comparison, to say the least, but their implementation of looping techniques, which are swiftly embedded within their songs, instantly brings me back to The Beatles brilliant usage of tape looping, specifically in their masterpiece of a song “Tomorrow Never Knows” off their Revolver album.

Time & Energy’s uniqueness not only stems from their eclectic choice of instrumentation, but Rios’ voice is quite soothing, yet still edgy at the same time. One of the most adoring aspects about Time & Energy is Rios’ ability to alternate between singing in English and Spanish, as it adds a sultry twist. Strange Kind of Focus’ first track titled “Hot Air” showcases the beautiful intermixing of the two languages perfectly embellished with a stellar performance by Patrick Takashi Shiroishi, who is featured playing both the sax and clarinet.

While the majority of the tracks on Strange Kind of Focus offer a quirky mixture of sounds and sporadically arranged intervals, “Breakdown” gives us a soothing sort of lullaby sprinkled with the lovely strumming of acoustic guitars, as the lyrics spread word on the misgivings and fortunes of life. “Sitting on a Scale” is similar in kind, as the vocals are colored in so harmoniously, while lyrically it powerfully paints sincere depictions of particular messages gathered from life experiences.

Time & Energy is a band that will continue to be appreciated by those intrigued with the genre of Experimental Rock. Although I can see how their music can be perceived as overly chaotic in sound, I personally find profound beauty and exceptional brilliance behind the construction of their music.

Check out Strange Kind of Focus by clicking this link:


1. Hot Air

2. Thought Forms

3. Tree Salad

4. Breakdown

5. Split Clean

6. Da Da Da

7. Sitting on a Scale

8. O’Molly

9. Think it Through

10. Acid Jam

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