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Fallbrooke’s “Losin’ It” gaining popularity through the Internet

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In today’s ever changing music industry, getting exposure means utilizing ever tool available. For newcomers Fallbrooke that method is paying off. With the release of their self-titled debut album in February the bands popularity is quickly rising. Their debut single “Losin’ It” is starting to get airplay in Top 40 stations across the nation and their video available on YouTube is gaining popularity .

Fallbrooke is signed to indie label RMR Music Group, whose president Paul Palmer–co-founder of Trauma Records -was so impressed after hearing a couple of songs by the band, he flew the group to Los Angeles from their native Florida and began working with them two years ago. “At Trauma, we believed in artist development, working with No Doubt and Bush from the ground-up,” says Palmer. “And what we’re doing now is just the same, but we are embracing new media technology, with a creative video and an album that does the band’s music justice.”

We recently talked with front man Eric McNeely about the band and using the internet for promotion. : How Long has Fallbrooke been around?
Eric McNeely / Fallbrooke : Me and Kevin originally started the band back in the summer of 2005, so it has been a work in progress for 4 years now. We did our own CD which is pretty different then what we sound like now, we have definitely come along way. Throughout the years we did some touring up the East Coast ourselves, eventually we got a contract with Paul Palmer and then signed to his music group. We eventually joined up with the other members that we have now, Chris and Augusto.

SCMT: How did you come about meeting Paul?
EM: It’s funny, it was through my Aunt. They were both on a cruise and she was helping me out with schooling, and I wanted to take the summer off to really promote the CD we had just recorded ourselves and were touring non-stop. She just showed him the CD for an opinion, not really to sell him in or anything. She just wanted to ask him “School or No School?” and once he heard it he wanted to meet us, and the rest is history.

SCMT: You are using online media to help grow your fan base, how is that working for you?
EM: Oh man it’s every day, every hour, every waking moment that we have. It’s going strong though. We are getting a lot of great feedback, just working it constantly, just keeping in touch personally with all the fans. We answer every single message that we get rather it’s on myspace or through any of the other social communities. That’s what we are going for, trying to keep in touch with everyone that wants to talk to us, and answer their questions.

SCMT: Is myspace the main outlet or what else are you using?
EM: That’s the main site that we promote, which I think it the norm for every band. We have an official website at – but myspace is just so much easier. You get all the information that you want on just one single page.

SCMT: Have you guys jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet?
EM: Yes, Yes we have. We drank the Kool-Aid. Twitter is great it’s so much fun, constantly updating and always @replying everybody. People that respond to our statuses and we are always @replying everybody.

SCMT: How about a tour – when or where can people come see you?
EM: We are working on some stuff right now, for cities in Michigan and New York, doing some acoustic sets and maybe some full-band “home-invasion” stuff. But as far as a full-tour we are really aiming towards the end of Summer.

SCMT: Your musical tastes are pretty heavy, how does that transition into your music, you guys have a kind of rock style but your definitely not into your heavy background?
EM: (laughs) Well Yeah.It’s not like I only listen to heavy music. I appreciate all types of music. My favorite band in the entire world is “Jimmy Eat World” I think they are amazing, so they are more along the lines of what we sound like. We have some heavier parts in the music, where you can kind of see, and get a feel for that kind of background. With the next batch of songs that we write for the next CD that we are going to do, I would really like to put some of that heavier metal influence into it, I think it would be kind of fun.

SCMT: You have some interesting songwriters on your team with writing credits for Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey – how does that work, it is kind of an interesting mix?
EM: Yeah working with them is just a blessing, they are just such talented, awesome people to work with, really positive, it’s just great. They just know what they are doing, when it comes to writing hit songs. They just know how to channel into what they are doing, it’s not like they only know how to write pop-songs., they know how to channel in and adapt to whatever it is.

SCMT: How are the other members influences?
EM: We all pretty much actually have the heavy side, we all grew up kind of in Metal bands and Hardcore bands, but you know. Kevin’s favorite band growing up is Smashing Pumpkins, Agusto’s favorite band of all time is “Third Eye Blind”. I listen to everything. For all of us we have similar taste’s in music, we can go from listening to a Jimmy Eat World album to Something really atmospheric. We are pretty diverse.

SCMT: How would you describe your sound to someone who has no idea what to expect?
EM: It’s always tough for me to categorize ourselves, I guess just Pop-Alternative? I have heard other people compare us to All American Rejects, Anberlin as far as that sort of sound. Main-stream rock I guess.

SCMT: Now all of you guys are in living in the same house, how is that working out?
EM: Yeah we have an apartment together. I love these guys, we get along great. We are all easy to live with – we just respect each other. It’s not hard at all, it’s just a lot of fun. We are always working together, and it makes being in a band together easier.

We are just 4 down to earth guys, this is our dream, we just love playing music and this is what we have always dreamt of doing and it’s happening for us. We are just happy with what we have accomplished up to this point.

You can find out more about Fallbrooke online at or follow them on twitter at @fallbrooke.

Fallbrooke will be performing locally at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on July 1.

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