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Faster Pussycat @ Saint Rocke – 07/05/2018

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Faster Pussycat @ Saint Rocke – 07/05/2018Faster Pussycat hit the road for a 38-date summer tour and kicked off the festivities on Thursday night July 5 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. These bad boys of the Sunset Strip have been a touring machine in the last several years and although they may not live the sex, drugs & rock n roll lifestyle quite to the extent as back in the 80’s, they certainly continue to endorse it through the music. One of the very few bands that emerged from the Strip in the 80’s to have released an album after the year 2000 that rivals anything they did back in the day (2006’s The Power and The Glory Hole), Faster Pussycat remains a fan favorite and a band to be reckoned with in 2018.

Adding to the debauchery of this tour in the opening slot is none other than standup comedian and former co-host of That Metal Show Don Jamieson. Some may be puzzled by a comedian on a music tour but this works so well as Jamieson starts his routine by throwing jabs out to the members of Faster Pussycat with some clever offensive jokes as they stood out in the crowd.

Jamieson continues his tirade of insults and references to many out in the rock n roll community and you find yourself having one of the best belly laughs of the summer as he takes you through his 30 minute routine. With the crowd now fully loose and full of booze, they were in the perfect frame of mind for Faster Pussycat to take the stage.

The members of Faster Pussycat took their positions on stage and prior to Taime Downe taking the stage, drummer Chad Stewart raised a bottle of Jack Daniels in a salute to the late, great Vinnie Paul (RIP) then the band ripped into “Jack the Bastard” as Downe took his spot behind the mic center stage.

Don Jamieson @ Saint Rocke – 07/05/2018The band ripped through 60 minutes of classic sex filled rock n roll led by Downe and Faster Pussycat veterans Danny Nordahl on bass, Chad Stewart on drums and Xristian Simon on rhythm guitar and the youngster of the band Ace Von Johnson on lead guitar. Now there is no doubt Taime Downe is the focal point of the band but Ace Von Johnson just KICKS ass on guitar and rips every solo! With songs like “Slip of the Tongue”, “The Power and the Glory Hole” and “Shut Up and Fuck”, the women were squirming and the men were pumping their fist throughout the night.


Noticeably missing from Downe’s stage antics were his cigarette and beer . . . most likely due to a health scare last year but that’s all good as we want Taime Downe around for years to come. His voice sounds healthy and strong and he is certainly one of the original party boys of the Sunset Strip having roots in The Cathouse with Rikki Rachtman back in the 80’s.

Downe took a seat center stage as the band launched into “House of Pain” the emotional power-ballad from 1989. In the middle of “Bathroom Wall”, Nordahl takes lead vocals on a cover of the Supersuckers “Pretty Fucked Up” – a super cool addition. The band ended the night with “Babylon” with Don Jamieson joining in on backup vocals then a brief interlude of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”.

Faster Pussycat will give you the most entertaining 60 minutes of music you will get this summer! Be sure to catch them in your town.

Faster Pussycat Setlist:

Jack the Bastard | Cathouse | Slip of the Tongue | Number 1 With a Bullet | The Power and the Glory Hole | Don’t Change That Song | House of Pain | You’re So Vain (Carly Simon cover) | Bathroom Wall / Pretty Fucked Up | Shut Up and Fuck (Betty Blowtorch cover) | Babylon | Ace of Spades Outro (Motorhead cover)

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