Harriet Kaplan

FEATURE: GearSecure founder Adam Mandel – NAMM 2017

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NAMM Show Media Preview Day – 01/18/2017GearSecure – The end of lost or stolen music instruments. Patented technology that bridges the gap between RFID and GPS allowing any musical gear to be tracked in real time. Debuting the GearSecure product at NAMM 2017, founder Adam Mandell spoke with Harriett Kaplan of SoCalMusicToday.com to discuss the idea behind creating the product and its function.

We started GearSecure because I have a son that is a musical artist in his own right. He has a band and we were out at a gig and one of his guitars went missing, in his case it wasn’t necessarily a theft situation, but it just turned out that somebody in another band grabbed the wrong instrument. But it still took us awhile to track it down. In addition, as one of the producers of Ultimate Jam Night we work with musicians literally from around the world. As they have come in, I have heard individual stories about this stuff and I kept thinking there must be a solution.

I started to do a little research and found out there really wasn’t anything really fitting the problem as I saw it in the marketplace. There are aftermarket cases that have some things in there. There are companies like Tile. You can go to Best Buy and buy this big bulky battery device or whatever but I was hearing more and more there were theft rings around the country. About six months ago in the Houston Chronicle, they reported on a major theft ring. The ring targeted touring musicians coming through the city of Houston. What they would do in a very corporate fashion is identify tours coming through and find out where the musicians were staying. Then they would unlatch from the buses and vans the trailers attached. In a very sophisticated way they would take the gear to a different place and disperse it in a lot of different directions and do it so quickly that musicians would be losing tens of thousands of dollars.

NAMM Show Media Preview Day – 01/18/2017In other areas, James Kottak lost $20,000 dollars in equipment in a storage facility in Valencia, CA. I know musicians and I know the industry. It’s a passion for me. The irony with music is unlike tools or art that is stolen, you can’t replace it. You can’t replace the artistry that exists between the musical gear and the artist themselves. Joe Bonamassa and Slash play a Gibson Les Paul. They play that instrument in drastically different ways, yes to each their own Les Paul is an extension of themselves. Could you give each of them a Les Paul that isn’t their own? Yes you could. But It won’t sound the same. That offended me.

With that, I had to look for a solution. Ironically, in looking for a solution, I delved into a couple of other industries I was dabbling in. I’m not claiming to be an electrical engineer. I’m a guy who is in the music industry but thinking a little differently. I came up with a solution that is a proprietary device which is small and thin with renewable energy that could be embedded in the instrument itself at the point of manufacturing. So when you go buy an instrument in the near future, you go to a place like Guitar Center or another retailer and it will be in your guitar. Our goal is to offer a free 90 day trial. If you try it and like it, you can renew it for $19.95 for a year. It’s like the car tracking device for musical instruments. Later in the year, as we determine our certified installer network you will be able to get it in aftermarket or vintage instruments.


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