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FEATURE: Hercules P32 DJ Controller – NAMM 2016

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JUCED P32Hercules P32 DJ Controller

A unique all-in-one controller at the crossroads of DJing and performance, the P32 DJ is the defacto entry level DJ system by Hercules. SoCalMusicToday’s Harriet Kaplan spoke with Hercules North America Marketing Director Michael Peterson and DJ Karla Kenya from Berlin Germany at The 2016 NAMM Show to discuss the thrill of instant and creative mixing using the P32 DJ.

Michael Peterson – Hercules North America Marketing Director

The P32 DJ is prototype that combines playing, DJing, mixing and performing. That’s what is really where we stand with the product itself, we are able to provide that at a $240 price point. That is much less expensive than anything else on the market. To provide that experience for anyone who wants to able to perform live, it works with DJUCED which is proprietary software we have. That software, whether you are a novice or expert, allows you to creatively mix however you want to without doing the homework so every track and trigger sample is quantized. You normally have to do tons of hours of pre-prep with any kind of live software. We are launching this product officially on March 3rd. This is the new baby in the family. We are really excited to launch this product because it makes your set more dynamic.

Karla Kenya, DJ from Berlin, Germany

http://www.facebook.com/DJKarlaKenya @djkarlakenya

The P32 DJ is just press and play. The great thing with the DJ P32 and DJUCED is they give you the possibility in combination to actually be creative in your mix while you’re playing. Hercules is a French company that has been around 12 years and producing DJ gear that actually caters to the entry-level DJ but with all the possibilities of mixing like a pro DJ without having to go through all the intricate work you need to do because the whole setup is very intuitive, it’s very easy to learn.

As for me, when I started out DJing, you don’t have the money to go and buy a controller or a console that is $1,000.00, you just don’t have the money’s use to find out whether or not you are into it. With the P32 DJ, the intent is to cater to the next generation DJs because DJs are not only DJs anymore, they are producers. So what a lot of DJs, they sit at home and use their programs and pre-record all their music. They play real drums and play their own samples at home. Then they take it out to their live gig. You use that in combination with regular DJ gear you have. The P32 DJ allows you to do it altogether in one without any prep time. It gives you seven sample packs of different sounds you can use. You have a sample pack with EDM sounds and a bass drum with bass lines and you can combine whatever you like. Basically you are good to go to produce with this one product.





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