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Feature: Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds

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The late late show used to probably mean something totally different to the members of Southern California based Tomorrows Bad Seeds but come tomorrow night it will mean being special musical guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

The Bad Seeds started as a local reggae, dub, punk band in 2003. Over the years with the help of local fans and supporters the band has been blowing up across the nation.

“Our first show was for a friend who just had a baby and we played at the baby shower,” lead singer Moi Juarez said.

They put out their first album titled Early Prayers in 2007. For a few years the band had been spreading their beats and melody as far as their pocket change would allow them.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds soon became a staple when people thought of reggae punk music in the South Bay.

In March of 2010 the band came out with their sophomore album titled Sacred for Sale. This album touched more in on the melodic sound with beats that hit deep within the soul and lyrics that came straight from their beating heart.

Slowly but surely, the band has been getting their music out there a lot more. In all of 2010 they sold over 150,000 downloads between both albums. March 3 the Bad Seeds will air on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

“We’ve toured nationally already but this can only help us spread the seed to the masses,” Juarez said.

They taped a CD underneath the seats in the audience as a gift to each member.

Thanks to a local long-time fan of the Bad Seeds, who works for the Late Late Show, they were able to be one of the few bands appearing on the show that has not been signed with a major record label. She was being trusted in suggesting the Bad Seeds.

“From a professional stand point and how we conducted ourselves I hope that they invite us to do other shows,” Juarez said.

Juarez is no stranger to being front of a camera as he has been seen on TV a bit. He has been in 15 episodes of different shows on the CW, has been in music videos as a dancer for people like Missy Elliot and was one of six winners on the pre-Idol show, Pop Stars.

“I’ve never gotten to do what we do now,” Juarez said. “Never gotten to do what is meaningful, what is us, what we write what we put our blood sweat tears and everything into. I finally get to show people, at least the viewers at two in the morning, what’s going on.”

Tomorrows Bad Seeds have a lot coming up as they are preparing to do a short tour for two weeks as they will be opening up for Katchafire soon.

Check out Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds during a few local shows. March 24, at House of Blues Anaheim and March 25, at House of Blues Hollywood.

Tune in to CBS March 3 at 12:35 a.m. to watch Tomorrows Bad Seeds perform Only For You on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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