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Festival Supreme @ Shrine Expo Hall – 10/10/2015

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The Darkness @ Festival Supreme - 10/10/2015

The Darkness @ Festival Supreme – 10/10/2015

Festival Supreme 2015, Tenacious D’s 3rd annual marriage of rock and comedy, took place on Saturday October 10th at the Shrine Expo Hall in Downtown LA. The festival, born from the minds of the brilliant comedic rock duo, is an eclectic mix of comedians and bands with a unique edge. A fun Las Vegas theme this year saw tons of neon decorations, costumes, and even a wedding chapel operating throughout the day.

The 4 stages spread throughout the Shrine Expo Hall and Auditorium for the event saw plenty of action. Literal metal monsters PPL MVR were a standout early in the day with their prehistoric yeti outfits and heavy Black Sabbath-esque rock. A comic clown act, Puddles Pity Party, was a surprise highlight on the indoor “Karma Chameleon” stage being both hilarious and a bit frightening at the same time. Big name comedy star Amy Poehler made a brief but fun appearance performing a Bette Midler cover song with accompaniment by Jack Black. Late addition Reggie Watts, always an interesting entertainer to see live, threw down a mix of stand up and looped beat boxing that was a fan favorite.

Towards the evening hours, the larger bands on the bill seemed to dominate the roaming crowds. San Diego’s Rocket From The Crypt were a fun set with lead singer Swami John Reis snarling at the LA audience and proudly proclaiming as he tuned his guitar, that the band doesn’t use roadies and that they sound better this way. The typically insane performer Andrew W.K. played a unique solo set that didn’t feature his full band, but he still managed to keep the party hard. Tenacious D for their part decided to perform a set of jazz this year instead of playing their more standard material. This might have been one of the only real disappointments of the day, as nearly all the fans in attendance were packed into the smallest of all the venues stages to see them. Playing through a short set of improvised jazz, solos, and lyrics – the crowd reaction to this set was mixed with many fans hoping to hear some of Tenacious D’s more classic hits. The duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass is always entertaining however, and most fans just seemed to want more of them.

British rockers The Darkness played an incredibly energetic set on the main stage towards the end of the night. Lead singer Justin Hawkins can still hit the insanely high pitched falsetto for which they are known and the band was loud, heavy, and on point. Closing out the evening’s musical performances was South African rap/rave group Die Antwoord. This duo couldn’t be farther from Tenacious D stylistically but yet they still made sense at the fest. Their mix of heavy driving electronic music and comedic over the top antics were a perfect end to an enjoyable day of live performances.

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