Harriet Kaplan

FOXTRAX @ The Roxy – 11/09/2017

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FOXTRAX @ The Roxy - 11/09/2017Solid, memorable, catchy albeit “mainstream-ish” songs that speak to a mentality of self-motivation, self-empowerment and emotional journey moving from New York to L.A. combined with a energetic, physical and magnetic stage show added up to a winning combination for the indie based rock/alternative trio FOXTRAX at a recent performance at The Roxy on November 9.  The band is on their Nothing Lasts Forever Tour promoting their upcoming EP due for release in 2018.  Playing to their enthusiastic fan base, who could be seen videoing, taking photos and just dancing around to the music, everyone at this fun show looked to be having a great time. The vocalist/guitarist and keyboardist Ben Schneid is a hungry and motivated performer. Based on this fiery set, it’s clear music is his calling and passion. Schneid, who possesses rugged movie star good looks, is a confident frontman and worked the stage hard and ferociously. He could easily be compared to a young Bruce Springsteen. This performance was inspired and 100 percent sweat soaked. Watching the band play, you are completely drained, but in the best way possible. It was fluid and just flowed. It was never stagnant or static.

With Jared Stenz on bass and John Stenz on drums rounding out the combustible trio, FOXTRAX packed a strong, dynamic thrust. Schneid also showed a sensitive, introspective side. He is a gracious and humble person. The emotive singer took time to speak briefly between songs and thanked the crowd for supporting the band and coming out to the show. Before the set was over, Schneid let the audience know that whether FOXTRAX played literally to only a couple of people as they did when performed at Harvelle’s two years ago, when they had just moved to L.A., or now at The Roxy, which has a significantly bigger turnout in comparison to that show, they give it there all – no matter the size of the audience and will always continue to do so. FOXTRAX served notice that their work ethic and determination to be the best will never waver. This engaging show proved they have what it takes to ascend to great heights and become a noticeable force in the music scene.

All Photos by: “The Echo Parker”

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