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Garbage @ The Shrine Auditorium – 05/16/2019

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The majestic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles played host to the veteran rock band Garbage Thursday May 16th as they returned to SoCal for a warmup show for their upcoming European tour. In 2018 the band spent a good portion of the year on the road celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 1998 classic album, Version 2.0. To no surprise, the setlist for this show borrowed much from the previous tour as seven songs from their second album made an appearance.

Fronted by their brash Scottish lead singer Shirley Manson, the band utilized a minimalistic stage setup that included only drum riser but smartly incorporated powerful LED bars and rear spotlights making the Shrine stage feel gigantic. “Control” served as the show opener leading into “#1 Crush”, the synth-heavy jam and clear fan favorite. “Stupid Girl” followed next beneath a bed of intense blue lighting while “Wicked Ways” saw the band cleverly work a bit of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” into the mix.

Manson noted early in the show that they are familiar with the venue, as they have attended many award shows at the iconic building and thanking the crowd “for coming to watch a bunch of losers like us” before ripping into a thunderous version of “Blood For Poppies” with guitarist Steve Marker leading the charge.  

Proclaiming this gig as “kinda our hometown show”, Manson showed the crowd some appreciation as she spent part of “Why Do You Love Me” in the lower aisles of the venue. Although the band has aged over the past 20+ years, they still bring 100% to each performance and can still rock your face off—evident on “Vow” which contained a massive jam session to close the song with guitarist Duke Erikson and drummer (and super producer) Butch Vig providing the power. 

Before journeying back in to the audience on “Parade”, Manson humorously borrowed a fan’s hair tie to control her hair. “I Think I’m Paranoid” helped reenergized the crowd and a song restart on “Cherry Lips” lead to a bright, rainbow-filled LED explosion. Manson dedicated “Push It” to all the women in the audience, stopping briefly to acknowledge the Alabama abortion law that captured national headlines earlier in the day.  

No additional US dates currently scheduled for 2019, June and July will find Garbage in Europe with numerous festival dates planned. The band has been teasing fresh material for some time now, fans should expect follow up to 2016’s Strange Little Birds and tour before the end of the year.

Garbage Setlist:  Control | #1 Crush | Stupid Girl | Temptation Waits | Wicked Ways | No Horses | Dumb | Special | Blood For Poppies | Why Do You Love Me | On Fire | Empty | Vow | Parade | Cup Of Coffee | I Think I’m Paranoid | Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) | Push It | Only Happy When It Rains | Even Though Our Love Is Doomed  Encore: Bad Boyfriend | When I Grow Up 

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