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Girl Talk @ The Grove of Anaheim 06/19/09

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Friday night the Grove of Anaheim was bumping with a jigsaw puzzle worth of beats and chart-topping hits. The Power 106 Squirt Boom Burst kicked of the first of two free shows in the Southland supporting Habitat for Humanity. The headliner for both shows is none other than famed mash-up artist Greg Gillis also known as Girl Talk.

The night kicked off with a performance by the Los Angeles rapper Busdriver, who is known for his unique delivery style that sounds as if he is scribbling his lyrics to life. His over all performance was great; he had the fans in the palm of his hand as he moved from one song to the next. Going through a number of tracks including the fan favorite “Imaginary Places” which was the pinnacle of the his performance for the night.

Following Busdriver’s awesome performance, fans had only a brief intermission before they were met with the almost instantaneous sound of the ever familiar slow inaudible vocal rumbling, which as it speads up reveals the chant of “Girl Talk, Girl Talk, Girl Talk” which continued to speed up until GT jumped on stage wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, some tattered old sweats, and his signature headband proclaiming to the crowd, “I’ve been doing big festivals this past year so it’s cool to be able to play a smaller show like this.”

GT dove straight into his hour and a half, mind numbing set that could only be described as an iPod full of some of the best tracks and then thrown at the wall with all of its content being fused together and blowing up.

Shortly into his performance, fans emerged from the side of the stage and began running from the back and jockeying for position to join GT on stage, elevating this concert into a huge party. Putting on an electrifying performance, GT was jumping all across the stage dancing with the crowd. His crew would periodically throw confetti, beach balls, toilet paper, and gigantic balloons into the crowd adding to the already major party vibe.

Several times throughout the set GT jumped into the crowd and danced with the fans that came out to see him. Each time he would leap over the security barriers, the crowd would rip off an article of clothing from his body, so by the end of the show all he had on was the sweat pants and shoes he originally came on with.

The next Power 106 Squirt Boom Burst is being held at the newly refurbished Fox Theater in Pomona on July 24. GT puts on an absolutely amazing live act that must be seen to really appreciate so start saving your Squirt cans now, because 36 empty Squirt cans gets you in.

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Girl Talk
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