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Godsmack & Halestorm @ Toyota Arena – 10/13/2019

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Still out supporting their early 2018 release When Legends Rise, Godsmack once again are proving themselves as the kings of arena rock. Out for a month long tour, Godsmack has recruited Halestorm as direct support for these shows and the band Monster Truck in the opening slot. This superstar tour made a stop at Toyota Arena in Ontario on Sunday night October 13 for a night of high energy rock n roll.

Canadian rockers Monster Truck kicked off the night with a memorable set that certainly had the attention of the early bird fans. Monster Truck delivers as their name implies – a huge rock n roll sound that pummels you over. A great way to start this night at Toyota Arena.

It was obvious the crowd was equally mixed with Halestorm and Godsmack fans as seen by the t-shirts in the crowd. The anticipation was high as the lights went out and Halestorm took the stage opening with “Do Not Disturb”.  Also supporting an album from 2018 – the critically acclaimed Vicious, Halestorm has been touring non-stop in 2019. Led by vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale, Halestorm has become one of the biggest bands on the planet. Lzzy’s onstage charisma shines bright through her provocative vocals as she interacts with the crowd and her bandmates.

The crowd was treated to a drum solo by drummer and Lzzy’s brother Arejay Hale halfway through the set. The band ended their time onstage with the mega-hit “I Miss the Misery”. Ontario just got hit with 60 minutes of Halestorm magic and were now primed and ready for Boston’s bad boys Godsmack.

Having unleashed another monster record with When Legends Rise, it has been said that the band has left behind the heavy metal sound for a more traditional rock n roll approach but regardless the heavy riffs and New England attitude remain. Opening the set with the title track “When Legends Rise” then into another new song “Say My Name” the trademark pyro was missing on this night but the band still brought the heat with their performance. Vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna took a moment to address the crowd stating they had never played in Ontario before then went into the hard hitting “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”.

Guitarist Tony Rombola quietly sizzled through his solos to the left of Erna as left handed bassist Robbie Merrill created thunder with his bass playing throughout each song. With a spotlight on him most of the night, drummer Shannon Larkin literally looks like animal from the muppets with his hands flailing wildly crushing the skins on every song. With his haircut and sideburns Larkin looks like he can be Erna’s twin these days.

Mid set songs included fan favorites “Awake” and “Whatever” as well as others. One of the highlights of a Godsmack show is undoubtedly the drum dual between Erna and Larkin. A second kit is rolled out onstage and the two bandmates try to outdo each-other as well as playing in unison. Ultimately the fans come out the winner as experiencing this is quite a spectacle.

A piano was rolled out for “Under Your Scars” and then the night ended with a Beatles cover of “Come Together” and then “I Stand Alone”. Erna sounded better than ever and the entire band proved that Godsmack has earned their rank as the Kings of Arena rock.

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