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Godsmack @ The Palms Casino Pearl Theater – 11/14/2015

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Godsmack @ The Palms Casino Pearl Theater – 11/14/2015Saturday night November 14, Boston bad boys Godsmack played the final show of their 1000 HP tour at The Pearl Theater in Las Vegas. The Palms Casino Pearl Theater was packed with a sold out crowd of fans who came to see this final show of the tour. Godsmack has been on tour for the past 18 months playing large festivals and venues across the United States as well as Canada and European dates supporting the 1000 HP release.

Leading up to the start of the show, faint Blue, White and Red lights were present over the stage in what every fan knew was a show of support and respect to France for the events that occurred on Friday November 13. Opening up the show with Shipping up to Boston coming in over the PA and a video of the tour highlights on the big screen, the band took the stage with a vengeance.  Opening the show with “Whatever” from their debut album, vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna worked the crowd from the time he set foot on stage, till they took their final bow after the encore.

“1000 HP” and “Straight Out of Line” followed “Whatever” with “Awake” and “Cryin Like a Bitch”.  During a short break Sully reminded the crowd “This is a rock show, your either standing up or get you the fuck out”. All in good fun to get the crowd on their feet, Erna showed no signs of slowing down at this last show. His energy and adrenaline were that of a first night show on a tour. As he panned through the crowd, he stopped and acknowledged legendary Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul, who was standing up to the left of the stage, rocking out to the show. The band blasted into “Walk” by Pantera showing much respect to Vinnie as the crowd went wild.

The band powered through “Generation Day”, “Keep Away”, “Something Different” and “Voodoo”.  Next up was the drum solo aka Batalla de los Tambores. Shannon Larkin started out his solo and then was joined by Sully Erna on what is a near identical drum kit. These two are like identical twins on the drums as they don’t miss a beat. Playing the same thing, beat by beat, then each get into their own mix of drumming that just flows with each other. Sully is no stranger to the drums as he originally started out on the drums as a kid and played in a band called “Strip Mind” before Godsmack. Batalla de los Tambores has defiantly become a staple in the Godsmack shows.

Godsmack @ The Palms Casino Pearl Theater – 11/14/2015Sully worked the crowd for a bit after the drum solo bringing Tony Rombola to center stage. Sully told the crowd Tony was the mastermind of picking cover songs the band loves to play. Rombola then started into “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper. The band raised the bar on this one for sure.

“Schools Out” was followed by “Moon Baby” and then “Serenity”. Talking to the crowd about the tragic events in France, Sully sat down on a stool center stage with his acoustic guitar. He said he wasn’t gonna stop the show and ask the crowd to be quit for a minute, instead they were gonna do a song that represents a moment like this. Sully said they were gonna do a song that’s their version of a prayer as Tony started “Serenity”, Sully asked the crowd to join him in sending energy and thoughts to those who had lost children and parents that night.

“I Stand Alone” closed out the bands set, with the crowd not showing any signs of leaving till they got some more Godsmack. Chanting for more…the crowd got one final song for an encore, a cover of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”. Before Highway to Hell, Sully told the crowd they were gonna go away for a bit to record a new record, taking a break from the 18 month long tour, they would probably re-appear in 2017. He also took the time to acknowledge and thank the hard working Godsmack Road Crew that made this tour a success.

Red Sun Rising has been direct support on most of the 1000 HP tour for Godsmack. With the release of Polyester Zeal, these Akron Ohio boys are a hard rocking band. Red Sun Rising was powerful and very energetic with lead singer Mike Protich getting the crowd warmed up and kept them on their feet for the whole set. There songs are definitely a breath of fresh air to the rock industry. If you haven’t seen Red Sun Rising, check them out as they are continuing on a North America tour with select dates through the end of the year.


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