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Iced Earth @ House of Blues Anaheim – 03/10/2018

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Iced Earth @ House of Blues Anaheim - 03/10/2018The wrath of the great heathen army reigned down upon Anaheim, CA as the Incorruptible World Tour made a stop at the House of Blues. Kill Ritual, Sanctuary, and Iced Earth played a SOLD OUT show in the packed Parish Room and although space was limited, they gave amazing performances. Long hair, killer guitar solos, and photographers dodging frontmen (and vice versa), made for a memorable night of metal.

Kill Ritual was the first to get up on stage in the Parish. It was a tight squeeze, and with no room left on stage, singer David Watson had to stand on the barricade and in the audience during their set. Watson took it in stride, however, and even joked that he had photographers going between his legs. The band members were very animated and energetic, making faces when lenses were pointed at them. It was clear the band truly enjoys playing their brand of heavy metal, which fully engaged the audience.

Sanctuary was next up, and the audience grew more anxious to get to the main event. They were the perfect band to directly support Iced Earth, as their music meshed seamlessly. Joseph Michael from Witherfall (filling in on vocals for the late Warrel Dane – RIP) was able to hit otherworldly notes and did a fine job in tribute to Dane’s singling style. The crowd was elated by Lenny Rutledge’s proficient guitar playing abilities and like David Watson from Kill Ritual, Michael had to make the most of the limited space by standing on the barricade. In dim light, the band performed triumphantly, and ended their set with the entire audience chanting their name.

Iced Earth @ House of Blues Anaheim - 03/10/2018After about a thirty-minute set change, and fifteen or so minutes of building anticipation, Iced Earth took the stage. They began with the mighty hit “The Great Heathen Army,” and what little space was left in the room disappeared into a sea of circle pits, headbanging, and dancing. No matter how they chose to move to the music, not a single fan was still. With pipes that bring the great Bruce Dickinson to mind, Stu Block was a mass of pure energy, and in fact, he was the only frontman of the night that had enough room on stage to be such! A charismatic singer needs just band mates that are just as enthusiastic, and enthusiasm is exactly what the rest of the band exemplified. Founding member Jon Schaffer as well as Jacob Dreyer are expert guitarists, while Luke Appleton and Brent Smedley never missed a beat or bass note, respectively.

The band is currently out on the road touring in support of their newest album Incorruptible, which came out in 2017. If you are a fan of artists such as Iron Maiden and Amon Amarth, or just heavy freaking metal in general, this album is highly recommended. They played several of the new tunes including “7 Headed Whore,” “Brothers,” and “Black Flag.” Iced Earth is comprised of masterful musicians, who continue to get better with each album they release.

The Incorruptible World tour is making its way across America, and you would do well to purchase a ticket. Excellent  musicianship, and a killer show await you!

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