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Interview: Adam and Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps

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Street Drum Corps perform during the Sunset Strip Music Festival – Photo (C) Chelsea Lauren Photography recently caught up with Adam and Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps at the Sunset Strip Music Festival before the trio’s performance at The Roxy to discuss what the festival means to the group as well as the unique props SDC has used in it’s shows throughout the years. The group is always looking for stand-ins so if you think you have what it takes, contact them at

Talk about what you guys are feeling here at SSMF?

It’s really cool to come together, we’ve got 98.7, we’ve got the Roxy, we just did the Viper Room and for all the clubs and the town to get together is really special, this is our first time here, I’ve had friends come through before who had a great time, the lineup is absolutely incredible, we got in, checked in at the Roxy, they hooked us up, they’re our family, we’ve had shows at the Roxy for 10 years now. It’s very well organized and it’s an honor to be here.

A lot of big names here, The Offspring, Marilyn Manson, Steve Aoki, who are you really looking forward to watching here at the festival?

Street Drum Corps (laughs). Aside from that, Dead Sara is a band that we’re definitely going to check out, they’re friends of ours and Emily actually sang on our record so it’s great to see them doing it. They’re just off of Warped Tour so we’re glad they’re here. De La Soul is playing, Leif Garrett is here, last night we got to see a sound check for X which was rad and the Viper Room had Robby Krieger here and tonight it’s Mickey Avalon, Steve Aoki. I actually just texted Manson, he’s a friend of mine and I’m hoping to get Street Drum Corps on stage tonight for “The Beautiful People” and you never know, he just might say “Yes!” and we’ll be running to the stage with barrels and buckets, haha.

I like it, dropping the Manson connection already. Talk about some of the projects you guys are working on, how many records have you released to this point?

We have three records out now, we have one in the works, there’s always one in the works, but the big thing we’ve been working on is that we have 10 theme parks internationally that have our Blood Drum show this fall for Halloween. Knott’s Berry Farms, Great America, there’s some all over the place, but that’s going to take a lot of work right after this, it really is something special for us, we love Halloween, so it’s what we’re getting ready for. We made a soundtrack to that show and we’ll give away some posters and all that.

Any new technology added for that show?

We’re trying to add some projections and screens and so visually, yes, knew technology. Sonically, it’s the usual stuff, found objects, power tools, chainsaw, washing machine, Jared actually brought us up our first washing machine and we’re trying to slim things down. I’m the guy that’s saying we should just use our iPads, it’s all good guys, backpacks, Skrillex! We could make millions with a backpack and an iPad, but they said no, so we’ll just bang trash cans.

What are some of the most unique items you’ve ever used in a show?

The washing machine thing is fun to bang on with a baseball bat, I’ll also use an angle grinder on there and shoot sparks into the crowd, a spring from an 18-wheeler that I found on the side of the 405 freeway, golf club to beat the crap out of things, a satellite dish, a smoke stack from a big rig makes a pretty cool sound.

So you guys are pretty much the kings of improv here at SSMF.

It’s funny because we started the Street Drum Corps eight years ago, actually Adam and I about 10 years ago started just playing drums together and finding things and we called it Bobby Alt and Adam Alt’s Experiment and anytime we did a show, we agreed we would never know what it was that we were doing and it just grew and grew. We like to keep at least 80 percent experimentation throughout our show, even though technology is getting ahead of us.

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