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INTERVIEW: Bec Hollcraft of Stars in Stereo

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After only being a band for just over a year, Los Angeles band Stars in Stereo has already been leaving a huge mark on the music scene. Having already toured with acts like Foxy Shazam and Hoobastank, Stars in Stereo is embarking on a tour with The Used this fall, including a stop at the Fox Theatre in Pomona on Sept. 18. Bec Hollcraft, vocals, talked with us on Sept. 5 to discuss their early success and more.

Can you briefly take me through the history of Stars in Stereo?
I was the last member to join, and the rest of the guys wanted to go in a different direction with their music [after their last band, City (Comma) State]. They were looking for a new singer … and a friend of mine told me about them, and I went and auditioned for them. Then, we started recording the album the next week. We’ve been a band for just over a year now.

Is it surreal to be going on tours with bands like The Used, Foxy Shazam and Hoobastank after being a band for only a year?
It’s incredibly surreal. I’m still pinching myself, playing with these incredible bands. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and to be able to do that is crazy, especially with people that I listened to growing up. It’s exciting for us. It shows that we’re doing something really great.

How did you get involved with those bands?
They heard our music and they liked it. We know people who worked with them previously before, so we had those connections.

For your debut album, you worked with producer Mike Green, who’s worked with bands like All Time Low and Paramore. How was it working with him?
It feels really good. We’re definitely very fortunate. It just makes us want to work that much harder and be that much better all the time. We’re up against a lot of really great, talented acts.

Speaking of that, a lot of the scene that your music is in it pretty male-dominated. So, how does it feel being a female front woman. Do you think it works to your advantage?
Honestly, I try not to even bring sex into it. I just want to be the best front person possible, so I’m doing everything I can to not really be any sort of stereotype. I think that there are obviously going to be differences between males and females, but so far, it’s been great for me. I haven’t had anything that I’ve felt has held me back because I’m a woman. If that ever came up, I would just fight that much harder against it.

You said that you were the last member to come into Stars in Stereo, and the rest of the guys all knew each other from City (Comma) State. How was the initial feeling joining a band where the rest of the members already knew each other?
They were very welcoming, but it was kind of like going into a family of teasing older brothers. I grew up with three older brothers, so I definitely was a little used to it. But, yeah, anytime you write with strangers, it’s a strange experience because you have to be vulnerable right away and just like a week after I met them, we started recording the album. I can’t say that I’m not used to being in that situation, but it definitely took a while before we became the great friends that we are today.

How has the response been from the fans of City (Comma) State?
It seems like they’ve been really positive, welcoming and excited that the guys are continuing. The music is different, so they’re two projects that are completely separate. It just happens to be the same musicians.

Your music video for “The Broken” premiered today on Purevolume. Congratulations. How has the reception been so far from fans and the rest of the band?
We were all really excited to premiere this video and get it out there. I really had no idea how people would react, because this is our first video as a band. So far, I haven’t seen any negative feedback, which is shocking because you always expect someone to say something bad. It’s really seeming to be very positive and we’re all really happy.

The theme for the video is pretty dark. It follows a girl who’s abused and runs away from home. Why did you choose to take your first video in this direction?
The song itself is talking about very dark things and trying to put light into that. We decided to go this direction because we wanted to put something in there that really represented what the song could be about. The song isn’t just about one person or relationship or disturbance. It’s a general feeling of being in a bad situation and just wanting to get away. The statement “We are the broken” is basically saying the importance of not feeling isolated and alone.

What’s next for Stars in Stereo?
We’re releasing some new songs shortly, then our new album will be out  by early next year.

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