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INTERVIEW: Ben, Jordan & Noah from Three Guests

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12804620_1659675760965153_7717152385788136996_nKnown for blending smooth pop and hip hop, Three Guests is a pop trio out of Erie, Pennsylvania featuring Ben Waldee, Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore. A collaborative effort, all three members write and perform original music. For years, they have written and played together, creating music on their laptops and in their basements. Currently Three Guests is promoting their debut single from 3G “Marilyn.” The plan according to Three Guests is to continue to release singles and eventually drop an EP. Ben, Jordan and Noah recently spoke to SoCalMusicToday.com to discuss how they formed their act, who their musical influences are, what new music they like, the inspiration for “Marilyn,” moving full-time to Las Vegas and more.

How did Three Guests form the trio?

Jordan and Noah have known each other for a long time; basically since birth (they met each other early through church). They were very musical people but never got anything started seriously until Ben moved to their hometown of Erie. Ben moved in right next to Noah and they hit it off; Ben then met Jordan through Noah. Noah and Ben were messing around with some piano and drums one day and they ended up writing a few songs. They told Jordan about it one time when they were all hanging out, and the rest is history. Together they began working by making tracks on the computer, buying inexpensive microphones to record, and performing at small local venues.

Who are your musical influences and why?

A few of our big musical influences are the Weekend, Blackbear, Jack and Jack, and Justin Bieber. We really like the R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop blend that these artists seem to combine effortlessly, and the vocals they lay down are impeccable. Specifically we love Blackbear’s songwriting, and respect the unique rap/singer combo that Jack and Jack presents. Justin Bieber (in our opinion) has one of the best voices of all time, and the Weekend has some of the most unique songs and style in music nowadays.

What new music do you like?

We definitely followed Blackbear’s new release Digital Druglord and Jack and Jack’s new EP that just came out. We’re all Tiller fans and loved the long awaited album he dropped a few weeks ago. Besides just music like ours, we love some of the more popular songs like Issues or a lot of the new Chainsmokers’ tracks.

Do you all come from a musical family?

Noah and Jordan don’t come from huge musical families, although one of Jordan’s brothers is into sound engineering and performance. Ben’s sisters are all singers and are classically trained, and his mom went to college for music.

Do you play any instruments or want to at some point?

Jordan plays the piano as his main instrument, and is working on mastering guitar and drums. Noah has been classically playing piano from a young age, and still takes lessons to continue perfecting it. Ben learned the drums first at a young age and has continued to grow from there; he now plays drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and dabbles a little in beatboxing. We all want to learn more, and keep mastering the instruments we already play.

Does Three Guests plan on releasing an EP or LP at any point?

We definitely plan on releasing an album and an EP at some point but the date has yet to be decided. We like the buzz that Marilyn is generating and might release a few more singles before we really dive into a larger project. But an EP is definitely on the radar, and will hopefully be coming soon.

What are your plans for the future?

Noah just graduated high school, and Ben and Jordan completed their first years in different colleges. The tentative plan for the future is to move out to Las Vegas (Henderson specifically) where TuneGO and the recording studio are located. TuneGO is the company that basically discovered us, and their artist-friendly approach to music is something we absolutely love, and now that we’re signed to their “label”, we’re going to be working with them when we move out to really push our career forward.

What was the inspiration for Marilyn? What do you all know about Marilyn Monroe?

The inspiration for Marilyn, as with most of our songs, comes from girls in our own personal lives. We felt we wanted to write a song to illustrate something we noticed, and to do so with a popular figure such as Marilyn Monroe would really make the song something special. We wanted to stress that everyone is someone’s idea of beauty, and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why can’t everyone be a “Marilyn Monroe”?


We know what she looks like, which is what makes the chorus of the song so striking, because people expect to hear a Marilyn Monroe described with blonde hair and blue eyes, but we wanted that to be a part of the message. We know that she was a popular actress, and basically the beauty standard for women back in the day, which makes her the perfect woman to center our song around.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality to rejuvenate your creativity?

We all played soccer in high school, and love to work out and scrimmage together. Church and youth groups are huge for us, and anything that involves food is a no-brainer. But in terms of what really gives us inspiration and creativity in our music, we love forming relationships with people. Romance has been a huge source of pain and happiness in our lives, and even strong friendships and mentors contribute a lot to who we are today and how we express ourselves in our music.

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