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Interview: Breathe Carolina

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Fresh off a slot headlining the Hurley Stage this past summer on the Vans Warped Tour, Breathe Carolina makes their return to the club scene on Family Force 5’s Dance Rawr Dance 3 headlining tour.

Prior to their performance at HOB Anaheim on October 6th, I sat down with David and Kyle to discuss the Warped Tour and their new record “Hello Fascination.” It’s been a few months since Warped Tour wrapped up in Ventura. What have you been up to since?

Kyle: We’ve been on the road for nearly 3 weeks on this tour. The tour has been really good but I ended up getting sick a few days ago. Getting sick on tour makes things harder but I’ve been managing.

SCMT: How was Warped Tour this year?

Kyle: Warped Tour was sick! Just being able to meet so many different crews and hanging out with them as well. Everyday was fun and the crowds were amazing.

SCMT: Breathe Carolina was a part of the Hurley Stage that had what I consider the best group of bands that were on the tour.

David: The worst part of the entire day was having to wake up early since it was really hot or really cold during the tour.

Kyle: If the weather was the worst part of the tour then that is fine with me. I’d absolutely do Warped Tour again.

SCMT: Tonight’s show marks your first trip back to this venue since the Take Action! Tour earlier this year.

David: I really like this House Of Blues a lot. The Chicago House Of Blues is the most insane HOB venue and Dallas is super nice though and actually has two venues in it!

SCMT: Your new record recently came out as well. Has it met your expectations yet?

Kyle: Our new record has already caught up to our old record, “It’s Classy, Not Classic” in just a 5 week time frame. Compared to what it took in a year for the first record to do the numbers that it has, the new one has only taken 5 weeks which is pretty crazy and we’re sitting back enjoying. I just really hope that everyone has it enjoyed it as much as we have.

SCMT: Does it even help being signed to Fearless with the promotional backing they have versus Rise Records with your last release?

Kyle: We actually get this question a lot. Rise was just a one-man label while we were on it and then going to Fearless there are more people backing you up which is the main difference.

SCMT: Any plans to close out 2009 following this tour?

David: It’s up in the air right now since we are talking about a couple of tours. In late February, early March we’re going on the Artery Foundation Tour with Attack Attack which leads into South By South West.

Kyle: We also have a headlining tour after this and then its talk that we are going to do another one next year. We are just kind of sitting back and waiting to see if anything else hits.

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