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Interview: Buzz McGrath of Unearth

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After nearly two years removed from their last headlining tour, UNEARTH make their long awaited return headlining this Spring’s Atticus Metal Tour beginning March 5th in San Diego. We caught up with guitar player Buzz McGrath to talk about their upcoming tour at length along with the future of UNEARTH and if a new album is in the works. The Atticus Metal Tour will arrive at the Glasshouse in Pomona on Saturday March 6th.

SoCalMusicToday: Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with us Buzz.

Buzz McGrath: Thank you as well. It’s nice to sit around at home and just take it easy.

SCMT: UNEARTH are getting ready to hit the road in a few weeks. How are you preparing for it?

Buzz: The first show is February 20th. We’ve had a good amount of time off which is always pleasant but once you get into the tour mode you’re in it.

SCMT: What shows are you playing before you make it out to the West Coast for the Atticus Metal Tour?

Buzz: We have a bunch of shows on the way out to San Diego prior to the first official show of the Atticus Tour. I believe it’s Syracuse, somewhere in Tennessee, Albuquerque and a few more. Go to¬† for more details.

SCMT: The Atticus Metal Tour happens to be UNEARTH’S first headlining tour in two years. What are you looking forwards to the most about it?

Buzz: We’re trying to break out some other tunes as well as classics since people have been seeing us play for awhile and we play the same set and get lazy with no changes. I think this time no matter how uncomfortable for us it is, we’re going to incorporate some lesser played material.

SCMT: Any plans to take it way back in the UNEARTH catalogue to the days of “The Stings of Conscience” during your time on Eulogy?

Buzz: We definitely are going to play our staples off “The Oncoming Storm” and even one we played off that record for awhile. As far as “Stings Of Conscience,” we have a few we’d like to break out from that especially because the farther back you go, those who have been with us since that time know those songs the best to where people who have just started getting used to the band get into one song.

SCMT: How was UNEARTH approached about being a part of this years tour, much less as the headliner?

Buzz: We got an email from our manager and it pretty much had the cut and the dry of what we’re going to get and what they wanted from us. They looked like good people to work with and you see their name everywhere along with some great clothes which also means we will get swagged out which is always a plus for doing a tour with a company name attached to it. It was pretty much we got a call from them and it was good to be wanted.

SCMT: The tour itself is amazing with a line-up that also includes STICK TO YOUR GUNS, VEIL OF MAYA, THE GHOST INSIDE and many other acts.

Buzz: A lot of hot and upcoming bands that kind of forces you to keep your ear to the ground trying to pick out the favorites and stay with the kids.

SCMT: I also read something that for this tour you’re planning an entire new stage set-up and light show?

Buzz: We’ve been kicking around some ideas about throwing some lights up but we’re going to see when we get there along with the budget of what we can afford. Extra lighting and set-ups like that are cool but visually for us, we’re constantly moving and having a great time so we don’t really need extra stuff but go out there bare bones and put on a great show.

SCMT: Can’t forget about the signature UNEARTH cabinet jumps either.

Buzz: Yeah we gotta pick up some new stuff since when we just came off a six week run and it seemed like every move we did, it was planned out. You get bored of stuff like that and its fun to come up with new ideas to do on-stage. We gotta keep ourselves entertained as well too but yeah, we’ll be jumping off stuff, kicking things around and we’ll take it to the next level.

SCMT: It’s been nearly two years since “The March” was released. Are there any plans yet to write and record its follow-up?

Buzz: Nothing yet since we’re waiting for the riff stork to arrive and impregnate me with new riffs. Then we can get going. I don’t know when or what is going to happen yet but it will always have the classic UNEARTH staple on it. I could say we will change it up or it will be our most dynamic album and all that crap but it will be monster metal at its best. Thicker and better then our last record too.

SCMT: Looking back on your career in UNEARTH, from the very beginning with “The Stings of Conscience” all the way up to “The March” while evolving into the band that you are how do you take it in?

Buzz: It started out as experimenting with our sound which we have at this point where we’ve reached a level of what’s what and who’s who. We know how to interact with each other and make this band work. I think we’ve kind of grown into a band who when someone hears the name UNEARTH, they will know who we are and that we’re a serious band. We’re not the biggest band in the world but we’re still trucking around having a great time. More then I ever thought would happen for us.

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