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Interview: Chris Broderick of Megadeth

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Following the postponement of the American Carnage Tour alongside SLAYER and TESTAMENT, metal veterans MEGADETH assembled the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour with TESTAMENT and EXODUS providing support. On a nightly basis those in attendance can hear the album from the beginning to the end along with a few MEGADETH classics. While on the tour bus somewhere in the US, we caught up with guitarist Chris Broderick to discuss with him at length the Rust In Peace Tour along with the rescheduled American Carnage Tour later this year and his involvement with famed school Musicians Institute. MEGADETH are currently on the road headlining the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour. How has it been so far?

Chris Broderick: The tour has been great. The shows have been overwhelming since the crowd response has been over the top.

SCMT: What’s it like performing the Rust In Peace record from front-to-back every night?

Chris: For me I kind of like it since you get in the groove easier for the rotation of the songs. It’s like you can almost get into the groove a little better that gives you a feeling of what you’re going to hear next.

SCMT: The tour marks the first time that several of the tracks from the record have ever been played live correct?

Chris: If we were to go out there and just meander through them I don’t think people would receive them that well since they aren’t as well known. I think if you really put them out there in people’s faces they kind of get excited hearing something that is different.

SCMT: Later this week the tour wraps up at the Palladium in Hollywood. (Wed. Mar 31) What can those in attendance expect to see?

Chris: I would just say that it will be an in your face classic thrash show. We’re going to be playing the “Rust In Peace” CD from front to end to make sure everyone is warmed up. We kick it off with “Set The World Afire” and then go into “Wake Up Dead,” “In My Darkest Hour” and then by then you would think we will have the PA and monitors dialed in so everything will be set so we can really perform well. Then we kind of end it with some really popular songs that we start off with “Head Crusher,” “Trust,” “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying” and “Symphony Of Destruction.” We’ve put a lot of really popular songs in the lineup as well.

SCMT: “Endgame” was the first record to feature you on. How was it like to write and record it as a member of MEGADETH?

Chris: It was really cool because it was the first time that I had the luxury to go into a studio and look back at what I’ve recorded. Thought maybe we should speed up that rhythm in BPM or maybe we should slow that one down or put the chords here in this first verse instead. Just having that luxury of actually being able to listen to what you’ve done and can timely go back and think about it.

SCMT: A question you’re probably used to hearing all the time. The Big Four is finally happening this summer in Europe. Please share your thoughts.

Chris: I’m definitely looking forwards to it but it doesn’t matter to me who I’m playing with since I’m always thinking about what I have to do instead of the size of the crowd. Instead of worrying about playing in front of 60,000 people I’m more concerned about how well I’m doing.

SCMT: When you joined the band Dave told you that it reminded him of what it was like when OZZY OSBOURNE met Randy Rhoads. I’m sure it had to be pretty mind blowing to you in one way or the other.

Chris: It was quite humbling because I’m glad Dave thinks like that but at the same time I now feel like I have to live up to that since that’s a huge thing to be told. But I’m glad he thinks that because it’s great.

SCMT: From there you go into the American Carnage Tour which was rescheduled for this summer with SLAYER and TESTAMENT.

Chris: I’m glad that tour was rescheduled because I think it’s a great bill. SLAYER is a great live band and I think that people are really into it so it makes sense to reschedule it.

SCMT: While the legacy of MEGADETH as strong as it is, where do you see it going the next few years and albums later?

Chris: That’s hard to say because I don’t really know and I don’t look at things that way. It’s hard to predict the legacy that a band will have and be left behind. For me I wonder what the next CD will be like or what type of playing I will try to bring out of myself when it comes to the next CD. You can’t really tell how the crowds are going to receive it because the way you feel about something, others might not.

SCMT: What stands out to me the most when I was preparing for this interview was that you’re a GIT (guitar institute of technology) teacher at Musicians Institute. How would you say it compares to teaching a group of students that come from around the world to attend the program compared to being onstage every night?

Chris: I think it’s awesome because for me it’s a gratification because when you have those who are so interested in what I’m teaching. That is where I actually feel like I’m leaving a legacy because of those who are actually interested in my thoughts and views on instruments. That’s the aspect of teaching that I really like.

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